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WoW: From Al'ar-Mount to Kriegsgleve - who gets the most awesome TBC-Loot?

In the early years of World of Warcraft, there were some lighthouse items in the loot lists of certain raid bosses that just stood out visually and/or gameplay-wise. We're thinking mostly of powerful Legendarys and Mounts here, which were just so much cooler than any of the other available options.

Then, as now (on the Classic servers), guilds and raid groups have to figure out how to distribute these special items among the players present. If there is disagreement on this, emotions can quickly run high. In my WoW Classic guild, for example, it was clear at the time that our tanks would get the Shackles of Thunder Wrath, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker first because that was simply the best thing for the entire raid. The first Atiesh, High Staff of the Guardian, on the other hand, went to spell-skilled players who had worked their butts off for the guild.

In the upcoming phases of TBC Classic, more items will come into play that enjoy a similar status:

  • The Mount Al'ars Ashes of Kael'thas Sunwalker.
  • The Twin Blades of Azzinoth by Illidan(War Gleeve of Azzinoth + War Gleeve of Azzinoth)
  • Thori'dal, Furor of the Stars by Kil'jaeden

WoW TBC Classic: Al'ar is certainly the most eye-catching mount of the Outland era. Source: Blizzard

TBC Classic: Who gets the most awesome loot?

Currently, I keep stumbling across posts on Reddit or discussions (on podcasts, for example) that address the question: Who gets these items? One guild, for example, is using the potential Al'ars Ashes opportunity to drive internal guild preparation for Phase 2. In other words, the players who get the most materials for the Resistance gear needed in the Serpentshrine and Fortress of Storms are at the top of the loot prio for the Phoenix.

Another guild is hosting an intra-guild Battle Royale mode in the Gurubashi Arena to determine: Who is strong enough to ride Al'ar? To do so, all interested parties must create a level 1 warrior and abide by certain rules (no buffs, no gear, no collusion, and so on). Whoever ends up standing gets the mount (via Reddit).

Of course, when it comes to "Who gets the wargleves?" there's a lot less competition. Only warriors and rogues get to wear the best blades of the TBC era. Back in March, Sno and Zirene addressed the issue and defined several options for the loot prio: 1) If you only have one rogue in the raid who has been keeping Armor Weaken active since Phase 1, give him the weapons. 2) If you're in a speedrun guild and want the weapons to have the most effect possible, give the blades to the Furor Warrior who pumps the most DpS. 3) If you play in a normal guild, reward a player who has done a tremendous amount for the guild with the weapons.

Have you guys figured out in your guild who should get preference on the above items? Do you just handle it with DKP or some other loot system? Do you roll the dice? Tell us in the comments!

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