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WoW: From old to new! Blizzard revises the page of the races - with new info

Theofficial page where Blizzard presents the playable races in World of Warcraft recently got an update. First of all, the development team shortened the long section that dealt with the history of each race and summarized all the important information about the home town, the capital and the iconic mount in a few sentences. The new overview page with the associated chapters are now much clearer and the new layout improves readability enormously. On the allied races pages, you'll also find tips on what requirements you need to fulfill to unlock them. In addition to the people's mount, you can also take a look at the fancy traditional armor on allied races.

On the new pages of the classic races, WoW fans have discovered new exciting details about the current storyline of World of Warcraft. For example, the developers have revised the information about the capitals and the history of the leaders and adapted them to current lore.

New Lore Highlights

On the page where Blizzard describes the orcs, there is new exciting information that gives us a glimpse into the inner circle of the Horde. The Horde Council is quite young and chaos still reigns in Horde ranks. The orcs and the undead have no official leader and the council wants to do without a warchief in the future.

After Sylvanas' escape to the Shadowlands, the Horde was left without a leader. Thrall declined the title of Warchief, but until the orcs appoint a new leader, he will speak for his people on the Horde Council. The description states: After the death of Varok Saurfang, the orcs have yet to appoint a new leader. In the meantime, former warchief Thrall has agreed to represent the orcs on the Horde Council, while other veterans such as the famed warrior Etrigg maintain the strength of their people.

WoW: Cinematic "Home sweet home" shows us Thrall's return

Small reminder: actually, Thrall, his wife Aggra and their two children left Azeroth a long time ago. The young family settled in Nagrand in Outland. However, the family idyll did not last long. In Battle for Azeroth, Saurfang sought out his old friend in Nagrand and asked him to return to Orgrimmar to defend the Horde from the Banshee Queen. After the Fourth War, Thrall and the other Horde leaders formed the Council. The shaman promises to remain in Azeroth until the orcs elect a new chieftain.

Undead and Night Elves Are Still Homeless

The Forsaken have basically the same problem as the orcs. Calia Menethil has not yet properly established herself as a leader, fulfilling that role out of necessity at the moment. The current status of Undercity also remains unresolved. The Undead were forced to abandon their capital city in Battle for Azeroth. There is nothing in the text about Undercity no longer being inhabitable, so we don't know if the Forsaken will ever return there.

WoW: Battle for Azeroth: The cinematic trailer - Sylvanas against Anduin

The text about Darnassus, on the other hand, clearly states that the World Tree is finally history. After a long odyssey, the night elves are currently looking for a new home. Where the Kaldorei will go next remains a mystery for now.

Okay, technically both capitals are still in the game. New heroes who start their adventure in the Night Elf or Undead starting areas get to experience the classic pre-Fourth War zones. However, even veterans may still visit both Undercity and Darnassus, provided they ask the Bronze Dragonflight for help. So the two capitals won't disappear from the game anytime soon.

The War Between Void and Light

Prophet Velen is preparing Azeroth for a war between the Light and the Void. Source: Blizzard The draenei and their cousins are shining champions of the light. No wonder, after all, the Naaru and their unshakable belief in light saved the Draenei from a terrible fate. Blizzard again makes special mention of this connection in the description of Velen:

The immortal prophet Velen believes that a great war is coming between light and darkness, whose greatest battlefield will be Azeroth. Working alongside his allies, he does everything he can to ensure that Azeroth will be ready when the time comes.

Velen is thus firmly convinced that a new war will soon rage in Azeroth - and it will be between Shadow and Light. The priests of the Army of Light confirmed Velen's prophecies in WoW (buy now )

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