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WoW: Gladiator, Champion, Smite - new class categories for TBC Classic

Normally, it's pretty easy to assign WoW's various classes to the appropriate roles on a stats website like Warcraftlogs. Holy and Discipline Priests primarily doctor wounds, Protection Warriors as well as Paladins tank, all Rogues, Mages, and Warlocks do Daesh, and so on.

In the first weeks of WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

: Burning Crusade Classic, however, gameplay styles have emerged that don't quite want to fit into this rigid corset, and which are at the same time too popular to ignore completely. The people responsible for TBC Warcraftlogs have therefore decided to define three new specializations for the stat-fest:
  • The Gladiator (Warrior): Acts as an off-tank or damage dealer, though he has talent points spread deep into the protection tree - to current stats from Karazhan.
  • The Champion (Warrior): Strongly reminiscent of the Classic-era Fury Prot in that he packs significantly more points into the Fury tree than normal Protection Warriors to noticeably increase aggro generation and damage output when (main) tanking. This in turn makes for very short fights because the damage experts don't have to hold back. The reduced survivability has to be absorbed by the healers - to the current stats from Karazhan.
  • The Smite Priest: A Priest who relies on his offensive Holy spells to deal damage, bringing the perks from the Discipline tree to the raid. This one deals significantly more damage than healing, so it gets its own category - on top of the current stats from Karazhan.

What do you think of the new categories? Have you even tried out these playstyles yet? Let us know in the comments!


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