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WoW: Glory upgrades, Torghast, Tavern break, World boss - Events of the ID

With the ID change on January 27, 2021, all WoW heroes will have access to various new challenges as well as rewards from the Shadowlands. Whether you're interested in Torghast, Fame upgrades, Battlegrounds Weekly, the mini-celebration of Thanksgiving, or the loot from the latest World Boss, we'll bring you up to speed.

The Torghast Wings of the New ID

In the Tower of the Damned, the wings "Coldheart Interstitia" and "The Upper Planes" are open to you this week. If you master all eight levels, you can earn 570 Soul Ash per wing. In total, there are 1,140 Soul Ashes waiting for you in Torghast.

For various specializations, the trip to the newly opened wings is also worthwhile because they can earn legendary memories there.

Legendary Memories from Coldheart Interstitia

  • Frost Death Knight - Memory of Absolute Zero
  • Guardian Druid - Memory of Ursoc
  • Frost Mage - Memory of Glacial Fragments
  • Brewmaster Monk - Memory of Scorched Passions
  • Holy Paladin - Memory of Shock Barrier
  • Holy Priest - Memory of Divine Image
  • Assassin Rogue - Memory of the Insignia of Zoldyck
  • Amplifier Shaman - Memory of the Frost Witch
  • Affliction Warlock - Memory of the Agony of Azj'Aqir
  • Protector Warrior - Memory of an Unbending Will

Legendary Memories from The Upper Planes

  • Blood Death Knight - Memory of a Vampiraura
  • Fierceness Druid - Memory of the elite predator
  • Marksmanship Hunter - Memory of the Unrelenting Watch
  • Arcane Mage - Memory of a temporal bend
  • Retribution Paladin - Memory of a Relentless Inquisitor
  • Shadow Priest - Memory of Talbadar
  • Demonology Warlock - Memory of the Grim Inquisitor
  • Protector Warrior - Reminder of a Revenge

Upgrade to Fame Level 28

This week you can upgrade your pact's fame level to 28. To do so, complete the usual weekly quests:

  • Complete the"Replenish the Reservoir" quest: Collect 1,000 Anima.
  • Complete the"Return of the Lost Souls" quest: Rescue five and 10 and 15 souls, respectively, from the Maw.

For now, since there are no new story chapters for your Pact campaign since the last ID, you can't get another Fame level this way.

The rewards of the new fame levels

Fame 27 gives you a new companion that you can recruit.

  • Kyrian: Apolon
  • Necrolord: Merick Feldnarb
  • Night Fae: Qadarin
  • Venthyr: Lost Sibyl

Secondly, you can now buy a new pet for 1,500 Anima and 30 Grateful Gifts:

  • Kyrian: Zauser
  • Necrolord: Jiggles
  • Nachtfae: Wurzli
  • Venthyr: Sin Heart

At fame level 28, you will then gain access to a new set of a Soul Gang:

  • Kleia (Kyrian - Resistance, Potency, or Finesse Medium).
  • Korayn (Nachtfae - Resistance, Potency, or Finesse Medium)
  • Theotar (Venthyr - Resistance, Potency, or Finesse Medium)
  • Emeni (Necrolord - Resistance, Potency, or Finesse Medium)

No new LFR wing?

After the third wing "Blood of Stone" from the LFR version of Castle Nathria was opened in the last ID, we now have to practice patience again. The LFR finale with Count Denathrius will not be available until February 03.

More events in the new ID

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  • WoW: Bonus week for PvP battlegrounds starts on 27 January
  • WoW: Valinor - The Shadowlands world boss with 207 loot starting on January 27th

We wish you lots of fun and good loot!