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WoW: Hotfixes of April 18, 2022 - bugfix for Owl, AoE nerfs for others

With a hotfix, the WoW developers have made a few changes to different classes in the night of April 18, 2022. While the Druid is freed from an annoying bug this way, Warlock and Hunter are somewhat weakened when it comes to their damage potential in situations with many enemies. We present you the adjustments. (via Blizzard)

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Hotfix of April 18, 2022 in WoW: druids, hunters and warlocks

  • Balance Druids with two pieces of the Tier Set from Patch 9.2 previously sometimes had a bug that caused the Tier Set effect Celestial Pillar to spawn a Wrath of Elune on an ally - not an enemy.
  • Survival Hunters now do less damage to a ninth, tenth, or other target with the Running Fire Scatter Bomb Legendary effect and its additional bombs - so the damage only has full impact on the first eight enemies.
  • Destruction Warlocks are also now weaker in multi-target fights than they were before the update, but not due to direct nerfs to their damage: If you have the Inferno talent selected, it is now less likely to give you Soul Shard Fragments if you cast Rain of Fire on over six targets. Hitting the first five enemies has the same chance of extra fragments as before.

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According to the developers, Survival Hunters with Wildfire Scatter Bomb should still have great AoE potential, while Warlocks had to be slowed down in terms of resource sources in AoE-heavy fights, especially Mythic+. Aside from the class fixes, there is also a small adjustment for loot in Zereth Mortis: olea chests now contain both genesis particles and protoform synthesis components. Previously, you could get genesis particles instead of components.

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