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WoW: How to change the appearance of your Provost as a Kyrian

Most people probably won't have noticed it while questing through WoW Shadowlands, but in the Bastion quest Your Personal Assistant, where you select your Provost, you have a choice of several Provost companions. But don't worry, you can change your Provost as a Kyrian later on.

Just talk to Sika in Hero's Rest (Bastion, 52.8/47.6). This provost will offer you the quest Your New Best Friend and choose a new assistant. Sika even assures you that your old provost won't hold your choice against you. By the way, this only changes the appearance of the provost slightly, your personal assistant does not have any new abilities.

The place mentioned by Sika, Cliffs of Rest, is a small retreat for the otherwise hardworking servants, who in the long run become nervous and dissatisfied if they cannot give others a hand.
WoW: How to change the appearance of your Provost as a Kyrian (2) Source: buffed
On their cliffs of recreation, however, they are by no means lying down on their lazy skin, but are diligently training with weights. Some of the provost companions can even be seen bench pressing. If you pay attention to the buffs of these Provosts, you will see that they are super strong!

The Kyrian Provost provides Angel People followers with a healing potion (three recharges, removes debuffs) and allows you to switch talents once per day for free. If you are still not sure which of the four factions you should join in WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

Shadowlands, you can take a look at our guide which pact for which class and maybe make your choice a little easier.

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