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WoW: Hunter - the first Shadowlands Legendary - Guide

The Runemason is a mysterious and strange creature that provides you with Legendarys in the Forge of Torghast. In Shadowlands, for the first time in the history of World of Warcraft, our heroes will be able to forge the perfect Legendary of their dreams themselves. All you need are four magical reagents: a Legendary Memory, two Scrolls, and a Rune Carving item that will serve as the basis for your future Legendary.

You can get the memories from many different sources in the game (for example, in dungeons, raids or in Torghast). The rest of the items you make yourself (if you know the right profession). You can also simply buy the reagents you need from the auction house or from the craftsman you trust. You can use the scrolls to select the secondary stats for your Legendary. In this guide, we will introduce you to the best Legendarys for the three Hunter playstyles and give you tips on which secondary stats and equipment slots you should favor when forging.

Table of Contents1

. Beast Domination Hunter2. Marksmanship hunter3. Survival Hunter



There are three strong Legendaries for Beastmaster in Shadowlands that you should forge first. Which Legendary you start with depends on whether you want to use it to spice up your play style a bit or play it safe. It also depends on which item you put the soul ash into afterwards. But no matter which "Legy" effect you ultimately prefer, you'll forge the Beastmaster items with speed and critical hit value.
Bombastic Soul Forge Embers! Once the tar trap is set, explode it with beacon fire as fast as possible! Source: buffed Soulforge Embers is currently the strongest Legendary, whether you are raiding or in Mythic dungeons. When you shoot beacons into your tar trap, up to five enemies in the tar trap burst into flames and take fire damage over the course of twelve seconds. Played well, the combination of Tar Trap and Beacon will provide a veritable fireworks display of damage! This Legendary is unbeatably strong; both in combat against a target and against groups of opponents. However, you will have to practice playing with the trap and beacon a few times until all the moves are perfect. After all, not only do you have to position your tar trap correctly, but you also have to time your beacon perfectly so that the explosion hits as many enemies as possible. In general, you'll proceed as follows: Shoot the trap at the place where your enemies are tanked. If your enemies fall into it, then it's time to give them hell with flares! What sounds like a simple strategy can quickly go wrong in random groups. For example, if the tank pulls the enemies out of the trap prematurely or your timing with Beacon doesn't work right away. If you dare to do this Legendary, then you should put all your Soul Ash into upgrading Soulforge Embers first (up to rank 4!) and only then forge the next Legendary. However, if you're not up for the tedious trap-and-fire game, then of course we have other Legendarys for you that fit much better into the classic Beastmastery playstyle.

  • Slot: Head, Shoulders. You should prefer the Head slot for this Legendary, but only if you have captured the Shoulders from Count Denathrius in Castle Nathria or a better item in Mythic-Plus.
  • Source: Dungeon: Ingra Maloch, The Mists of Tirna Scithe

Piercing Fangs of the Rylak Hunter is a solid alternative to Soulforge Glow. Well, if it's all about damage numbers, then Soulforge Glow clearly outshines all other Beastmastery Legendaries at the moment. But what good is the best Legendary if you can't use its full damage potential in battle? If you don't want to rely on adventurous strategies in battle, you should choose Piercing Fangs of the Rylak Hunter instead of Soulforge Embers. The passive effect of the Fangs increases your companion's critical damage by 20% while Wrath of the Beast is active. This Legendary is thus ideal for the first raid, since you'll mostly be fighting one enemy in Nathria Castle. But even in mythic dungeons, Piercing Fangs of the Rylak Hunter looks good, at least at the beginning. You can't go wrong with it.

  • Slot: Feet, Cloak. The feet slot is the better choice in this case.
  • Source: Dungeon: Devos, Peaks of Ascent

Qa'pla, War Order of the Eredar is one of the best Legendaries for single-target combat. In terms of damage, Qa'pla lands in the upper midfield. The Legendary is your choice if you mainly go to raids. There you can best benefit from the reduced cooldown for Kill Order provided by Spiked Arrow. However, in Mythic dungeons, Qa'pla, Eredar War Command loses a lot of its punch.

  • Slot: Shoulders, Hands. Select Shoulders if you didn't have luck with Count Denathrius in Castle Nathria.
  • Source: Raid: Denathrius, Castle Nathria.

Marksmanship Hunter

For the snipers, the same rule applies for Legendarys as for the Beastmaster. You have to decide at the beginning if you want to specialize in boss fights in the raid or in area damage in the dungeons. For secondary stats, always add mastery and critical hit rating

to your Legendarys.

When fighting against multiple enemies, don't waste too much time poisoning several enemies with snake venom. It's better to concentrate only on your main target! Source: buffed Deception of the Snake Stalker is currently the strongest single-target Legendary in theMarksmanship Hunter's arsenal, making it the best choice for raids. Each Aimed Shot poisons your target with snake venom. The DoT effect is a perfect addition to your sniper repertoire. The best thing about this Legendary, however, is that you don't have to pay attention to any extras. You simply play your standard rotation. In AoE combat, however, Deception of the Serpent Stalker loses a lot of its value as the number of enemies increases. As a rule, you only poison your main target in dungeons in trash fights, otherwise poisoning multiple targets takes too long. Also, in fights where burst damage is required, Deception of the Snake Stalker weakens somewhat, as Snake Venom has less time to take effect in these stages. If your focus is exclusively on raids, then you should upgrade this Legendary to Rank 4 in subsequent weeks.

  • Slot: Shoulder, Ring. Select the shoulder slot if you had no luck with Count Denathrius in Castle Nathria.
  • Source: Dungeon: Domina Poison Blade, Plague Plunge

Rapid Shots is the Legendary of choice if you're primarily in Mythic-Plus dungeons and want to boost your AoE attacks. The effect is the perfect addition for you if you have chosen the Kyrians as your pact. The combination of Rapid Shots, Resonating Arrow, and the Soulbond medium Debilitating Mark is simply unbeatable! This Legendary also works well with your AoE talents Optimization (level 35) and Double Pack (level 45). However, in long, single-target battles, Rapid Shots compares poorly to Deception of the Serpent Stalker. Also, for snipers who have chosen a different pact, this Legendary is more of a second choice. If you have joined Kyrians and prefer high level mythic dungeons, then you should upgrade this Legendary to rank 4 . If you have enough resources or gold, you can also alternate between Deception of the Serpent Stalker and Rapid Shots when upgrading.

  • Slot: Neck, Wrists. It doesn't really matter which slot you favor here.
  • Source: World Boss: Oranomonos the Eversprouting.

Table of Contents1

. Animal Domination Hunter2. Marksmanship hunter3. Survival HunterSurvival Hunter

Survivalists prefer Legendary effects that enhance their traps. Fortunately, there are three of them. When choosing them, you should only pay attention to whether you primarily want to increase your damage against single targets or against multiple enemies. For secondary values, you can choose versatility and speed

when forging.

Soulforge Embers is made for the survival hunter! This is the strongest all-around Legendary, both for single-target combat and massive AoE battles. Survival Hunters also have an advantage over their Animal Domination counterparts as melee fighters. Directly at the enemy, you'll have a good view of the battle's progress when setting the tar trap. This gives you a better idea of where the tank is pulling the enemies, and you can quickly reposition your trap in an emergency. Basically, you follow the same strategy as the Beastmaster with Soulforge Embers. You place tar traps under your enemies and then trigger the explosion as quickly as possible with a beacon. Repeat as soon as tar trap and beacon are available. Be aware that Beacon takes a moment to trigger the trap. It's best to practice on training dummies so you're better prepared for battle. If you decide to get this Legendary, it will be upgraded to Rank 4 in subsequent weeks.

  • Slot: Head, Shoulders. Head is better, but you won't get good shoulders until Count Denathrius, the final boss of Castle Nathria. In this case, legendary shoulders are the better choice.
  • Source: Dungeon: Ingra Maloch, The Mists of Tirna Scithe

Traps are the main source of damage for survival hunters, whether you're in raids or mythical dungeons. Source: buffed Nesingwary's Trap Apparatus, while not as strong as Soulforge Glow, is a solid Legendary alternative in terms of damage if the Tar Trap - Bonfire game is too challenging for you. If you choose this Legendary, combine Nesingwary's Trap Apparatus with the talents Steel Trap (level 35), Mung Bite (level 45), and Birds of Prey (level 50). This talent choice is especially useful for boss fights, where you'll need burst damage on adds in phases. Nesingwary's Trap Apparatus also does well in Mythic dungeons, but it can't compete with pure AoE Legendaries like Barrel Fire Bomb. However, since Barrel Fire Bomb is more suited for AoE dungeons (keyword: Mythic Plus dungeons), and it lands low in the damage meter when fighting a target, you should prefer Nesingwary's Trap Apparatus for the beginning.

  • Slot: Waist, Feet. Feet are the better choice.
  • Source: Honor: Purveyor Zo'kuul, Oribos
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