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WoW: "Impressive Influence" buff extended until May 21!

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Update May 20
The Impressive Influence reputation buff has been extended through May 21, granting players several days of massive reputation gains - 150% on Legion and BFA world quests, as the buff overlaps with this week's world quest bonus event.

No date has yet been announced for players to acquire Corruption effects. However, due to the expiration date of the reputation buff, it is likely that they will also go on sale on May 21.

Original news
Due to the current situation, gamers have more time than ever before to devote to their favorite hobby. So it's no surprise that developers are currently courting gamers' favor more intensively than ever before. Be it through big discounts on games or enormous bonuses for newcomers. But also within the games a lot is done to spend the newly won free time in the own game. For example, Blizzard introduced a bonus on experience points a few weeks ago. This way, you can use the time to upgrade one or the other twink or even try out new classes.

Now Blizzard is expanding the bonuses. Starting today (April 20 to May 18 - currently not yet live (as of 9:30 a.m.)), you will not only get twice the amount of experience points in WoW, but also twice the amount of reputation. This allows you to reach the various ranks such as Revered or Respectful, which you need to fly on Kul Tiras and Zandalar, for example, more quickly. However, there are some limitations. For one, this bonus only applies to the factions in both the Legion and Battle for Azeroth expansions. For another, both recent factions (Rajani and the Uldum Accord) are exempt from it. The buff is probably not meant to help in the current content, but to help catch up on old things. In addition, some players who have been diligently doing dailies in the past few weeks to quickly get the rewards - especially the permanent Lightning Forged Reinforcement Rune - would probably be annoyed if everything is now suddenly much faster.


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