World of Warcraft

WoW: In patch 9.1 we are allowed to earn 40 new fame levels

In a BlizzConline interview from The Starting Zone, we learned that our all-time favorite companion Pepe will be receiving pact-specific costumes. These costumes are tied to the 40 new Renown levels we'll be able to earn in WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1.

So not only expect another 40 Renown Levels but also you're going to be able to unlock all of these different chapter questlines. [...] It gives you a whole lot more quests to unlock as you're increasing that Renown track as well as unlocking those new Cosmetic Armor sets, the new flying mounts, flying itself and of course, we've got to put him in there because he hasn't been in for a little while, brand new Covenant Pepes to ride on your head as well.

As we learned in advance and later at BlizzConline, the new cross-class Pact armor sets and flying in the Shadowlands, among other things, are also tied to Fame levels. More specifically, to unlock flying, you'll need to have completed the Pact campaign in patch 9.1, but that will also be tied to fame levels, as before. Flying will then be possible from level 50 and account-wide.

What exactly you have to do with the upcoming update for the increase of fame levels, is not yet known. It's possible that we'll be back to collecting anima and freeing souls, but perhaps we'll have to complete activities in the new Maw area of Korthia. As we progress through Patch 9.1's Pact campaign, we'll get more quests in Korthia. First and foremost, though, you'll want the Pepe costumes, of course - that's a given....