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WoW: Is a dragon expansion coming after Shadowlands?

Blizzard is opening the final chapter of WoW: Shadowlands in a few weeks. In the Mausoleum of the First in Zereth Mortis lurks the Dungeon Master, who has it in for the Creation of the First and the World Soul of Azeroth. No matter how the story of Shadowlands turns out, we'll just be glad when all the scheming of Zovaal, Sylvanas and co. finally comes to an end. But what comes after that? What adventure can we look forward to next?

A look at Blizzard's WoW Shop

The big speculation round is open! In recent years, there have been at least a few subtle hints in the game about the next WoW expansion. A look at Blizzard's WoW Shop was enough to at least narrow down the topic of the upcoming expansion. In Battle for Azeroth, the elegant Fox Familiar and the magical Sylverian Dreamer offered us a taste of the Shadowlands. Both mounts hail from the Arden Forest, the realm of the Winter Queen. The Mystic Runesaber is another example of a mount that once gave us a hint of the Legion expansion.

It's worth taking a closer look at the current mount and transmog offerings in the WoW Store. Of particular interest are the Sapphire Cloud Torch, Sunwarmed Furball, and of course the Dragonmount pack. At first glance, this exotic combination makes no sense at all. However, the descriptions in the store provide us with one or two exciting pieces of info that may give us a hint about the big theme of the next WoW expansion.

WoW: New store mount sun warmed furball in video

The sun-warmed furball comes from the Emerald Dream, which is associated with the cosmic domain of life. Perhaps in the next expansion we will enter the realm of the moon goddess Elune for the first time. The Dragonmount pack is also currently stirring the imagination of players

. Most WoW fans hope that Blizzard will finally show us the Dragon Isles. We first heard about the Dragon Isles in Warcraft 2, and Blizzard never fully clarified the myth of the mysterious landmasses that are supposed to lie somewhere between Northrend and the Eastern Kingdoms. A new landmass sounds like an adventure we definitely won't say "no" to!

If you want to learn more about Furorion, his mission and the mystical Dragon Isles, be sure to read our Lore Special:

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WoW: Furorion's comeback and the mysteries of the Dragon Isles

The mysterious Dragon Islands continue to puzzle us to this day. We speculate what role they might play in World of Warcraft in the future.

Azeroth is a dragon - for real?

In line with this, there is a new WoW leak on MMO-Champion, which is quite interesting. In a short post, an alleged Blizzard insider (beware, this is not official information!) summarizes the story and features of the next WoW expansion. According to the leak, the Dragon Isles, Furorion and the Black Dragonflight will be the focus of the story. The Black Prince creates a new Black Dragonflight, which will even enter the game as a playable race!

However, the other dragon aspects also return to the island to save the legacy of their swarms, rather the dragons fall into oblivion. The night elves and their fate will move more into the story center. But the great common denominator of the whole story should be Azeroth itself. Her soul is born at the end of Shadowlands and who would have thought - the Titan appears in the form of a young dragon. Crazy, isn't it? 17:16
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So, are you excited yet?

Let's face it, we're all suffering from cosmic burnout by now. The story of Shadowlands, Zovaal, Sylvanas, and the First was far too complex, and World of Warcraft (buy now )

lacks that certain lightness that captivated countless players years ago. With our return to Azeroth, Blizzard could actually make a soft story reboot, and with the classic fantasy theme of "dragons," just about everyone can relate. Each dragonflight could get its own story and who knows, maybe we'll finally learn the secret behind the protodragons.

What do you think about the leak? Do you like the idea and concept of the Dragon Islands? Would you like to return to Azeroth and deal with the "earthly" problems again? Or are you still not tired of exploring the World of Warcraft cosmos? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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