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WoW: Keys, Nerfs, Affix Rotation - The Adjustments of Mythic-Plus Season 2

In Mythic-Plus Season 2 of WoW Shadowlands, you can expect not only the affix Tormented and the new scoring system, but several other adjustments for bosses, keystones, and more. For example, you can change a keystone at the end of a dungeon, get incentives for higher difficulty levels, and adjustments have once again been made to already known affixes.

Table of Contents

  1. 1ShadowlandsSeason 2 - All Mythic-Plus Changes at a Glance
    1. 1.1Generaladjustments
    2. 1.2Affixeson Mythic+ difficulty level
    3. 1.3Nerfsfor dungeons

Shadowlands Season 2 - All Mythic-Plus Changes at a Glance

General Adjustments

  • Reduced the damage of automatic attacks from enemies on Mythic and Mythic+ difficulty by 10%.
  • The following changes will be implemented at the start of Season 2 on July 7:
    • The item level of rewards from normal, heroic, and mythic dungeons at level 60 has been increased by 26. The lower limit of rewards is now 184 for Normal difficulty, 197 for Heroic, and 210 for Mythic.
    • The maximum item level of rewards from dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty has been increased by 26 item levels, and the item level for rewards of some intermediate keystone levels have been adjusted.
    • Rewards from the Great Treasury have been increased by 26 item levels.
    • Dungeon enemy damage on Heroic difficulty has been increased by 6% and enemy health has been increased by 16%.
    • Increased the damage and health of dungeon enemies on Mythic difficulty by 26%.
    • Dungeon enemy damage on Mythic+ difficulty increased by 35% and enemy health increased by 39%.
  • New teleporters to Dungeons: Path of the Hero: Shadowlands - If you complete a dungeon on Mythic+ difficulty at level 20 before the timer expires, you will now receive an achievement and will be able to teleport to the entrance of the completed dungeon in the future. The teleport has an 8 hour cooldown that resets after completing a dungeon on Mythic+ difficulty.
  • In the Hall of Custody in Oribos, Ta'hsup will now offer a keystone to players who do not already have one, as long as they have completed at least one dungeon from Shadowlands on Mythic+ difficulty.
  • Ta'hsup now appears at the end of Mythic+ difficulty dungeons completed before the timer expires. Players whose current keystone is at or below the level of the dungeon they recently completed within the time limit will be able to make a one-time keystone swap with him. Keystones at a higher level than the dungeon recently completed within the time limit cannot be traded. This includes the keystone used for that dungeon.

Affixes on Mythic+ difficulty

  • Updated the weekly rotation of affixes.
  • Inciting
    • Incite now increases maximum health by 15% (previously 20%) and damage dealt by 20% per stack.
  • Necrotic
    • Level 61 enemies now inflict Necrotic Wound on the target with every other auto attack (previously every auto attack).
  • Rage
    • Rage now increases damage dealt by 75% (previously 100%).
  • Stormy
    • Stormy Whirlwinds now always move in the same direction and their movement speed has been reduced by 30%.
    • Stormy Whirlwinds will now dissipate once they hit a target.

Nerfs for dungeons

  • The Andre Side
    • Hakkar the Soulflayer
      • Hakkar's cooldowns and Energy regeneration are now paused when Blood Barrier is activated. The pause ends when Blood Barrier is removed.
      • Blood Barrier no longer makes Hakkar immune to interrupts.
      • 'Blood Bombardment' can no longer be interrupted and no longer has a duration. Blood Bombardment now lasts until Blood Barrier is destroyed.
    • Merchant Xy'exa
      • Arcane Bolt's regular damage has been reduced by 15% and jump damage has been reduced by 20%.
      • Arcane Vulnerability now only increases damage taken by Arcane Bolt.
  • Halls of Atonement
    • Faithful Stoneborn's melee damage and Stone Breath ability damage have been reduced by 10%.
    • The damage of the Slashing ability of Shards of Halkias has been reduced by 20% and the range has been increased to 60 yards (previously 40 yards).
    • The damage of the Wicked Bolt ability of Depraved Destroyers has been increased by 27%.
  • The Mists of Tirna Scithe
    • Ingra Maloch
      • Ingra Maloch's health has been reduced by 10%.
      • Dromanin Oulfarran's health has been reduced by 5%.
    • Drust Branch Breaker's health has been increased by 15%.
    • Mist Veil Guardians' Rising Rampage now triggers the cooldown at the beginning of the spell.
    • Spiked Maw Shaghorns' health has been increased by 30%.
  • Necrotic Rift
    • Amarth
      • Health has been reduced by 15%.
      • Damage per stack of Tormented Echoes reduced by 15%.
    • Nalthor the Icebinder
      • The health of the Cupper of Zolramus has been reduced by 15%.
      • Champion's Gift duration increased to 40 sec (previously 30 sec).
  • Plaguefall
    • Globgrog
      • Health has been reduced by 10%.
    • The number of Manipulated Plague Borers that appear during the gauntlet is now limited.
    • Manipulated Plague Borers that are outside of the gauntlet have been replaced with Wretched Plague Borers.
  • The Bloody Depths
    • Kryxis the Gluttonous
      • The damage of Downroll has been reduced by 15%.
      • Essence Absorption damage reduced by 15%.
    • Executioner Tarvold
      • Fugitive Manifestations' Growing Pride ability damage reduced by 20%.
    • Separating Slash from Chamber Guard now only hits the primary target.
    • The damage from Remnants of Wrath's Explosive Rage ability has been reduced by 25%.
    • Remnants of Doubt now no longer uses Growing Distrust.
    • Explosive Parchment from Research Writers now explodes after 3.5 sec (previously 3 sec).
  • The Spires of Ascension
    • Ventunax
      • When channeling Recharge, all active Shadow Vortexes will now disappear.
  • The Theatre of Pain
    • An Affront of the Challengers
      • Xira the Deceitful is once again only available on Mythic difficulty.
    • Xav the Undefeated
      • Banner of Oppression health has been reduced by 20%.
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