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WoW: Korrak's revenge is back - but there's a catch

We have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news: the PvP event Korrak's Revenge, which includes the historical variant of Alterac Valley, is returning to the game with WoW's 16th birthday

. The bad news: You won't be able to level Twinks quickly via the event.

In fact, the Wowhead editorial team reports, with reference to the experiences of various players, that the developers have apparently massively toned down the amount of experience points you can collect on the Korrak's Revenge battleground. While in 2019 you could still level up two or three levels per PvP match, a match now only yields one percent experience points of a level without any experience bonus. In addition, the amount of XP will decrease as you reach higher level regions.

However, the reason for the significantly lower XP amounts compared to last year is not only the developers' nerfs. After all, players no longer benefit from the experience bonus of the heirlooms this year. Leveling Twinks via the PvP event Korrak's Revenge is definitely no longer worth it this year. However, you can still farm honor points and get the two anniversary mounts Battle Ram of the Storm Lances and Frostwolf Growler.

By the way: If you're disappointed that you can no longer level up quickly via Korrak's Revenge, you should take a look at our speed level guides. The level squeeze of patch 9.0.1 means that you can now level much faster than before the Shadowlands pre-patch, for example via certain level routes or the island expeditions

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