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WoW: Latest class changes - nerf for blood DK, buff for hunters

It's that time again: Blizzard is taking advantage of the upcoming server reboot on May 04, 2022 to bring a number of minor class changes to the live servers. Specifically, these are a series of buffs and nerfs in the low single-digit percentage range. We summarize for you what changes in detail.

Many classes get slight DPS buffs, only death knights get a nerf

The WoW developers are making the following adjustments

with the next hotfix package:
  • Blood Death Knight - 2-set bonus from Soul Steel of the First Eidolon: Heart Strike extends the duration of Dancing Rune Weapon by 0.33 seconds (previously 0.5 seconds; the tooltip will show 0.3 seconds, which the developers plan to change in a later patch).
  • Beastlord Hunter: All abilities deal four percent more damage (does not apply in PvP).
  • Windrunner Monk: All abilities deal four percent more damage (does not apply in PvP).
  • Lawless Rogue: All abilities deal three percent more damage.
  • Weapon Warrior: All abilities deal four percent more damage.
  • Affliction Warlock: All abilities deal four percent more damage.
  • Cosmic Gladiator's Hallowed Determination trinket increases the duration of CC effects by 25% (previously 20%), now lasts 12 seconds (previously 15 seconds), and no longer extends the duration of Rooting effects or makes the target immune to Rooting effects.
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As mentioned above, the class changes will go live with the next server restart as part of a hotfix update. Please note: Until the final release, it is possible that the developers will adjust some details. You will find the final buffs and nerfs in time for the release of the update in the hotfix patch notes.

Source: Wowhead

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