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WoW: Launch of Shadowlands without addon updates from CurseForge

Update from 18.11: The operators of CurseForge have meanwhile changed their original schedule and are even working extra shifts during the release week of WoW Shadowlands.

Original message: A few weeks ago, we had already reported that the tab for WoW addons would finally disappear from the Twitch app on December 2. So in the future, you'll have to download and install your addons either manually or with the new CurseForge app. The new version of the CurseForge client is currently in beta, but you can download the preliminary version of the new app today on the official Overwolf homepage.

However, as far as the new CurseForge tool is concerned, there is bad news! After the purchase of CurseForge, Overwolf will start moving all services on November 24, 2020 of all days, i.e. during the hot release phase of WoW: Shadowlands (buy now € 14.99 ). In plain language, this means that all players will not be able to access the latest addons and associated updates on the platform until around the beginning of December. CurseForge made an official announcement about this:

Later this month we will be finalizing the CurseForge transition to Overwolf! To prepare for this, we want to let you know about expected downtime for Curseforge, including support and moderation. Here's what you need to know:

  • On 11/24, support.curseforge.com will be temporarily closed until early December. No new cases will be able to be created on or after this date until the transition to Overwolf is complete. In the interim, any support requests should be tweeted to @Curseforge.
  • On 11/24, manual project moderation will be paused. All content requiring manual moderation submitted on or after this date will be queued to be reviewed once manual moderation is reinstated.
  • On 11/30, Curseforge will enter read-only mode at 6AM PST. Curseforge is expected to stay in read-only mode throughout the week, and full functionality is expected to return by early December.

Once CurseForge is transferred to Overwolf - which we expect to begin on 11/30 - Overwolf will be reopening support and manual moderation as quickly as possible. Their current plan is to have everything back up and running by early December.

This news is currently pissing off many players. After all, the move falls into an unfavorable time window. Although most WoW addons have already been updated for patch 9.0.1, you may still be confronted with some update problems and bugs when WoW: Shadowlands is released. From experience, addons naturally have to be updated quite frequently when a new expansion is launched, as the developers adapt them to the new content, which always causes small bugs and hotfixes.

Are there alternatives for CurseForge?
Of course! If you want to manage and install your WoW addons via an external program, you can do this via our BLASC software, for example. Another alternative is for example the popular tool WoWUp.

How can I transfer my CurseForge account to Overwolf?
Players who want to stay with CurseForge should transfer their account to the new platform in time


All you need to do is confirm the transfer of your account on Twitch.tv before November 24, 2020. On the official CurseForge page you can find all the important info about the move.

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