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WoW Lore: Where is Khadgar?

The jailer breaks his chains, destroys the judge in Oribos and disappears with Anduin through an ominous portal in an uncertain direction. Zovaal's goal is clear, the villain is after the Tomb of the First and the secrets of the Creators. Now the fate of the entire universe is in the hands of our heroes. But while we are preparing for the next battle against the dungeon master, another, no less exciting story gets into the background. For only a few heroes have yet noticed the arrival of a silent observer in Oribos. Who is this agent? What is his mission? And what role does the lost archmage Khadgar play in this convoluted story?

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The flight of the raven

Have you ever looked around Oribos? So you haven't just wandered around, but have carefully observed what's going on in the city? There are many secrets in Oribos, no question. There are, for example, the middlemen who go about their dubious business in the underground of Oribos. The many ambassadors of the pacts bustle about in the streets, and a little outside, the servants and the fate scribes go about their work. After the advance to Korthia, the capital of the Shadowlands is bursting at the seams. Of course, one or two new visitors from Azeroth don't stand out too much. Among them is a mysterious raven that has been appearing at the Outer Ring of Oribos since the beginning of Shadowlands, and has its gaze fixed on the portal to Revedreth. The bird watches the gateway to the realm of Venthyr for quite a while until it leaves its post in the direction of Revendreth. Well, a small raven that strays to Oribos doesn't sound like a spectacular story. But if you take a closer look at the bird, its name tag reveals that it is elite and humanoid, as well as belonging to the Kirin Tor. Who is hiding behind the mask of a vigilant raven?

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A magical raven. The Kirin Tor. Now, does that ring a bell? There's only one person in Azeroth who likes to travel around in the guise of a raven, and he belongs to the mage order of the Kirin Tor - that's right, Khadgar! Instead of enjoying his retirement in Karazhan, the archmage secretly followed us to the Shadowlands. Unlike other notable heroes such as Bolvar, however, Khadgar chose to remain hidden. His decision to observe the Shadowlands from a safe distance seems strange. After all, it is not just the fate of Azeroth that is at stake, but that of the entire universe. The Iron Horde and the Burning Legion that Khadgar once fought so fervently were a joke compared to the Jailer, who wants to throw cosmic order overboard. Shadowlands is about naked survival, yet Khadgar stays out of the fight.

The great mystery

Khadgar is a mystery, and there are so many questions about his motives at the moment that we can't say exactly what drives the archmage. But let's stick with the watchful raven that appears out of nowhere in Oribos and then disappears again. To solve this tricky mystery, we must follow it to Revendreth. It seems that Khadgar is looking for something or someone there. And this mission seems to be more important to him than the hunt for Anduin and the jailer.

Well, that Revendreth is a hot place is known to every hero by now. Count Denathrius, the ruler of Revendreth, secretly allied himself with the Dungeon Master and channeled all the collected anima from his castle into the Maw. From this stream of anima, Zovaal finally drew enough strength to break the last chains that bound him to the maw. The count had to pay for this betrayal, but Denathrius' story was far from over with his banishment to the Fall.

The Nathrezim

Mal'Ganis and his Nathrezim wreaked havoc in Revendreth and freed Denathrius from his prison of light in Sin's Fall. Source: Blizzard

Shortly after the storming of Nathria Castle, Revendreth was filled with terror lords. These sinister fellows differed from the classic Nathrezim who served in the ranks of the Burning Legion. Instead of demonic armor, they wore fine robes that much more resembled the distinguished garments of the Venthyr. Their appearance was no great surprise; after all, we learned in Shadowlands that Count Denathrius created the Nathrezim. Consequently, they were not demons, but his children. A secret report to Denathrius, which we happened to find in the Tower of the Unseen Guests in Revendreth, states that the Nathrezim have successfully infiltrated all cosmic domains. The Dread Lords have served neither the Burning Legion nor the Dungeon Master. Their loyalty is solely to their father - Denathrius, who plays his own game of intrigue in Shadowlands. If Khadgar has traveled to Revendreth, he will probably know about the Count's big game. The big question currently occupying the WoW community is: did Khadgar find out about Denathrius' plans in Karazhan? And what exactly is the archmage looking for in Revendreth?

The long arm of the count

The fact that Khadgar is pursuing the terror lords (and not Zovaal) shows us how serious the situation is. The Nathrezim have proven many times in the last millennia that they are the true rulers of history. In the book Enemy Infiltration it is written in black and white that they manipulated Sargeras and divided the Titan pantheon. The Burning Legion and the creation of the Scourge and the Lich King are also the fault of the Dread Lords. The forces of the Void could not escape the influence of the Nathrezim either. The greatest danger at the moment, however, comes from a Dread Lord who has infiltrated the Light. His name is Lothraxion, and his scheming could plunge all of Azeroth into the abyss.

Turalyon is dangerous!

Alleria, Turalyon, and Khadgar have adventured together in Outland. Did the faction war in Battle for Azeroth end their friendship? Source: Blizzard Lothraxion is not a reformed Nathrezim, but a secret agent of the devious Count. Source: buffed

We met Lothraxion for the first time in Legion. The terror lord is a true curiosity, because he professed the light and followed its teachings. Even more, he is a confidant of Turalyon and thus belongs to the command of the Army of Light. There is no longer any doubt that he is the said agent who infiltrated the Light in the name of the Count. Imagine what Lothraxion could do to Azeroth with the power of Xenedar. His reputation in the Army of Light is impeccable, and his words are heard by Turalyon at all times. And it is precisely this friendship that holds great danger! Turalyon currently sits on the throne of Stormwind, commanding the forces of the Alliance and the Army of Light. What happens when Lothraxion convinces the Exarch that Azeroth must be reclaimed and purged?

Keep in mind that Turalyon left Azeroth a long time ago, and the Horde is still the greatest enemy to him. The burning of Teldrassil was just further proof that the Horde must be destroyed. In this heated atmosphere, it would be easy for Lothraxion to poison Turalyon's mind with all sorts of lies and persuade him to establish a tyrannical god-state.

Is Khadgar gathering evidence in Revendreth right now to expose Lothraxion as Denathrius' agent? Or is the archmage on the trail of a larger conspiracy? Unlike Turalyon, Khadgar is a great visionary who can survey and assess all the power structures in the cosmos. No matter how the story ends in Shadowlands, Khadgar will not abandon Azeroth to its fate.

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