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WoW: Mage masters Mage Tower challenge in 36 seconds

While the author of these lines succeeded in the Wrath of the God Queen Mage Tower challenge in WoW with his Demonology Warlock himself only after about 90 attempts, Phosphoros shows how he completes the encounter in just 36 seconds on his Arcane Mage, making the crunchy challenge look like a fight against normal mobs in the open world.

Earlier, he had tried how fast you can burst down the three mobs in the God Queen Challenge. His best attempt so far was one minute and seven seconds. Phosphoros believes that even the 36-second kill can be tweaked to make up a second or two.

Wrath of the God Queen defeated in 36 seconds

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Of course, completing this difficult challenge so quickly requires the perfect time-walking equipment. We'll show you which tricks you can use to improve your character for the Mage Tower Challenges in our article These tricks are most worthwhile for the Mage Tower

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For example, the video features Reinforcement Rune, the best Timewalking Vial (Great Vial of Infinite Depth), and the best Damage Pot (Battle Potion of Intelligence).

In addition, the mage in this video uses special items such as the Azshara's Born of Power gem and certainly old equipment with lots of pedestal slots that have gems like leviathan eyes. This is the only way to achieve such fast achievements.

Fortunately, even without perfect time-walking gear, players can now leave themselves enough time to complete the Mage Tower challenges, because as of this ID, the Mage Tower has opened permanently. What challenges are you still missing, and will you check out the Arcane Mage challenge after watching this video? Write us in the comments.

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