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WoW: MDI teams play Mythic +21 Tazavesh in under 9 minutes

In eight days, the first MDI Cup for Season 3 of WoW: Shadowlands will take place. Teams are now preparing intensively for the Mythic Plus tournament, trying to take as much time off the clock as possible in each dungeon. With the best possible equipment and sophisticated tactics, they achieve times that have never been seen before on the live server.

This leads, for example, to the Tavavesh part "So'leah's move" - which you have 30 minutes for - now being completed in under 9 minutes. The other Tazavesh part, Wondrous Roads, which takes 39 minutes to complete, is even mastered by Team Echo in 12 minutes. The reason for such fast times on difficulty +21 are mostly two classes with incredible amounts of AoE damage.

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Hunter and Warlock destroy the DpS meter

The secret to such short times is very large pulls and classes that can make short work of 20 or more mobs. Most MDI teams train away from their streams and don't want to reveal their tactics, but teams like Dorki's have been livestreaming their runs on Twitch.

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Destruction Warlock and Survival Hunter deal so much area damage with their 4-set bonus that in the big pull in So'leah's move they both deal over 200,000 DpS, at the peak the Warlock even reaches almost 240,000 DpS

and directly in the first pull almost half of the needed percent of the trash mobs is reached.

Usually these groups still play with a Priest, who provides the Warlock with Soul of Power, and a Deception Rogue, who is taken along as a boss killer in addition to his large toolkit, with stuns, immunities as well as Cloaking Mist, which provides the single target damage. For the most part, we see the Holy Priest as a healer, with a bit more variation in the tanks. However, many go for the Blood Death Knight or Demon Hunter. We will probably see this team composition very often at the MDI on April 22, 2022. Do you think this heavy AoE damage needs to be generated? Write us in the comments.

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