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WoW: Mechagnome get cool new swimming animation

The allied race of Mechagnomes in WoW has divided fans: While some players like to mock the new allies of the Alliance as "nappy gnomes", others are happy about the additional variance of the probably cutest race of Azeroth. If you belong to the latter group and are a proud Mechagnom owner yourself, we have good news for you. The WoW developers have been quietly working on the animations of the little augmented creatures.

Swimming with propeller drive

Patch 9.1

contains - as usual from previous WoW updates - a number of undocumented changes, and one of them concerns the swimming animation of the mechagnomes. As Twitter user Portergauge enthusiastically discovered, the mechagnomes can turn their hands into propellers while swimming underwater and then use them to move around.

This looks pretty cool in practice and adds a nice little detail to the Mechagnome's animation portfolio:

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Unfortunately, the hand propellers don't affect the actual underwater locomotion speed of the mechagnomes. But maybe the WoW developers will reconsider and give the mechagnomes a small folk bonus for a slightly increased swimming speed at some point?

What do you think? Do you think the propeller animation is as cool as we do? Or are you of the opinion that such gimmicks are absolutely superfluous? And what do you think about a corresponding people bonus? Let us know and write us your opinion below in the comments!


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