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WoW: Mythic Dungeon International - Choice of classes as monotonous as never before

The current WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth is slowly but surely coming to an end, and so the last Mythic Dungeon International for the time being took place last weekend, where the best players in the world competed against each other on special tournament servers in Mythic-Plus dungeons. Equipped with the perfect combination of equipment, corrupting effects and essences, as well as access to any class, players set various speed records for the various dungeons. For example, players from WUNDERBAR (formerly Method EU) completed Freeport +21 in just over 12 minutes. These and similar achievements led to them winning the Global Final and $150,000 in prize money. The Golden Guardians team (formerly Method NA) came in second, just barely beaten in the final.

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Since the players really have a free hand regarding classes and equipment, they naturally competed in each dungeon with what they considered to be the best combination. Unlike previous MDIs, the variety this time was very, very manageable. Not only were there rarely any differences between the two teams within a dungeon, but over the entire Global Finals, one playstyle dominated in each role. This has been the case in the past, but never to this extreme. In 35 games, for example, only one healer class was used and two different tanks. It was also very one-sided in terms of damage dealers. In most games, you saw the same play style in this role six times. In the following table we have prepared for you which classes were used.

These classes were used in the MDI

Tanks Percentage
Warrior 95,7
Demon Hunter 4,3
Monk 100
Damage dealer
Animal dominion hunter 78,6
Unholy Death Knight 15,2
Desolation Demon Hunter 2,4
Fire Mage 1,9
Lawlessness Rogue 1,4
Assassination rogue 0,5

Priests, Paladins, Shamans, Druids, and Warlocks were not used in any role on any team.

Warrior tanks dominated, as they are currently the strongest tanks in almost all major categories. No other tank can do so much damage and also needs so little external healing when played well. It also has many helpful abilities in its repertoire. These include high mobility, a mass stun, and perhaps the best defensive cooldown in dungeons: spell reflection. Thanks to the Azerite Essence Conflict and Discord, he immobilizes all surrounding enemies for a second with every thunderclap (that is, with almost every second global cooldown), which is enormously powerful. At the same time, his battlecry is worth its weight in gold for the predominantly used DpS hunters. There is hardly any reason not to use warriors in the dungeons. The only advantage that the used Demon Hunter tanks had was their Mark of Chains, which they used to gather enemies in Tol Dagor, for example, so that the cannons could be used more effectively in the end of the dungeon. However, this tactic wasn't really any more successful than using a Warrior.

Mistcaster Monks had absolutely no competition at all in the current MDIs. Again, effectiveness in the actual role pairs with lots of other useful abilities. The Monk's healing output is strong, and at the same time they can deal a relatively large amount of damage. Add to that their debuff Mystic Touch, which massively increases the damage of the Warrior and Hunter. They have mass stun, the legendary Ring of Peace, can interrupt frequently, and even have a CC up their sleeve. Last but not least, they are hugely mobile and can build threat from a distance thanks to the life cocoon on the tank, which is why they were often used to kite the four commanders at the end of the dungeon so the party didn't have to kill them. That alone saves a lot of time.

Beast Domination Hunters are the eggshell of damage dealers. Thanks to the sky-scaling synergy of Corruption effects and Azerite traits, they can deal immense damage against one or more targets. Moreover, if they fight multiple enemies, their damage increases on the main target, which is why many groups have brought multiple trash mobs into boss fights. With their spirit beasts, they can distribute heals, which was very important in the final bosses without healers (which kited the commanders). Misdirection, Deadlock, Camouflage, Binding Shot, Counter Shot, Intimidation, Ice Cold Trap, Tar Trap , and much more - there's actually almost nothing the Hunter can't do. With the right pets, he can even activate Heroism / Battle F renzy, cleanse enemies or intercept special attacks from bosses and commanders. Add to that the overwhelming DpS and you have the perfect mythic-plus class.

Only death knights, who then often got a demon hunter for its debuff at the side, could keep up here in some dungeons


Their advantage comes into play with gigantic amounts of trash enemies, where they knock out tens of millions of DpS. However, this is often made impossible by the dungeon itself or by the affixes, which is why they were only used in some dungeons such as Kronsteiganwesen or the Shrine of the Storm.
Mages were also used here from time to time, as they can also cause massive area damage. However, this was only used by one group and not very successfully.
Rogues were actually only used when going to Tol Dagor. Here they can not only open the gates faster than inscribers, but are also enormously advantageous for the use of the cannons at the end.

All classes are playable!

What sounds terrible now is not quite as dramatic in reality. Yes, Warriors are the best tanks, Monks the best healers, and Hunters and Death Knights the best damage dealers. But only when it really comes down to the very last few percent and every second is important. But this is true for maybe a few dozen players on the planet. For example, if you just want to complete level 20 or higher dungeons within the time limit, then that's possible with almost any combination. In fact, there isn't a single specialization or crude combination that hasn't had successful runs to 20 and higher. Because as before, playing ability is far more important than the choice of class. Whereby it gets a bit easier with the right classes, of course. Nevertheless, a player who is experienced with his class is usually better and more valuable than a player who switches to an even great playstyle but has no experience with it or doesn't enjoy the spec. So unless you want to win the MDI, just play what you feel like.

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