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WoW: New buildings for the Alliance? Is Blizzard secretly reworking Azeroth right now?

BlizzConline in February 2022 has been cancelled. Too bad, we were looking forward to the announcement of the next big update for World of Warcraft. After all the content disasters in Shadowlands, it's high time for a breath of fresh air in Azeroth. So far, patch 9.2 is a long way off and we will have to wait quite a while for new information about the next adventure, or so it seems.

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Graphical makeover for Azeroth

But while patch 9.1.5 for Shadowlands is still in the starting blocks, the WoW community is already speculating about what we can expect in the next WoW chapter. At the center of all discussions are currently a few simple screenshots, on which the reworked versions of classic human buildings from the Eastern Kingdoms can be seen. In the gallery below you can find the images of old and new Alliance buildings:

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Clearly, the fancy inn, barn and fancy living room raise plenty of questions. Are the Alliance towns and settlements in Azeroth currently undergoing a graphical overhaul? Are Blizzard's developers currently working on a brand new housing feature? Can we look forward to a new garrison in Azeroth? Or are all the classic areas in World of Warcraft due for a major graphical update?

And Patch 10.0?

These images are not the only "WoW leak" currently making the rounds on the web. Over the past few months, new concept images and screenshots of classic areas that Blizzard is rumored to be reworking from the ground up have been popping up on the web time and again. The big graphical update of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms is supposed to come into the game with patch 10.0. We have already speculated several times in recent months that our heroes will return to Azeroth after Shadowlands and find a new world there.

An "insider" (source: mmo-champion), who maintains good contacts with the development team of WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

, confirms this fan theory. Thus, Turalyon used the favor of the hour during our absence and reconquered the old alliance areas. However, his conquest was only supposed to be the prelude to a new story that focuses on the conflict between the Light and the Void.

All the information from the ominous post can be summarized like this: According to the leak, the Alliance is conquering the ancient kingdoms of Gilneas, Arathor, and Lordaeron. The Forsaken are being pushed back to the outer borders of Lordaeron. The magical city of Dalaran "lands" and resumes its original place in the Eastern Kingdoms. The majority of the night elves leave Stormwind and move to Mount Hyjal. Under the branches of the world tree Nordrassil, the Kaldorei finally establish a new capital. Meanwhile, all traces of the Burning Legion in Quel'Thalas are removed and replaced with sun symbols. The structures in Silvermoon and around Exodar also get a graphical update. The list of novelties is eternally long. Since the aforementioned gallery on Imgur no longer exists, you can check out the images for yourself in this video.

Attention, these are only rumors, no confirmed information!

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Alright, there are some inconsistencies with this leak (as with all of them before). Some images from the video have already been labeled as a fan project and the new gloomy model of Calia Menethil looks more like a cheap knock-off of Sylvanas. The bansheel look doesn't really fit the rather gentle character of the new leader of the undead.

Everything on a fresh start

But fake or not. The pictures and the leak definitely have a few good approaches. Let's be honest, the classic areas in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms need a graphical overhaul. Yes, Azeroth is in desperate need of a graphical update! Especially if Blizzard wants to attract new players to WoW. Some of the new character models are in stark contrast to the ancient buildings from vanilla WoW or TBC. Flora and fauna in Azeroth have also aged poorly for the most part. Most of the wildlife and plants still consist of stale models with few polygons.

The graphical remake of Azeroth would also be the perfect opportunity to establish housing as a new feature. Having your own pad would definitely be a good reason for both veterans and new players to give WoW a chance. For a good start, a few buildings would be enough. This feature can be expanded later. There are already plenty of nice examples of cozy rooms in all variations in WoW. Blizzard's developers just have to dare!

As for the story, the leak sounds too much like a sequel for Battle for Azeroth. The fact that we will be presented with a fait accompli in Azeroth again sounds like a lukewarm story. Blizzard finally needs a believable villain with rough edges. At the moment, we can't think of any well-known Warcraft character that really fits the bill. Or what do you think?

Is the leak any good or do the new images leave you completely cold? And what do you think about housing in WoW? Let us know!

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