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WoW: New catch-up tools for Torghast - Bolvar quests and Legendarys

With the new ID of World of Warcraft , Blizzard developers not only opened the Winding Corridors

, they also implemented two catch-up mechanics in the Tower of the Damned. The first catch-up mechanic concerns the quests that Bolvar distributes to willing Shadowlands visitors in Oribos.

Previously, it was the case that this series of quests expanded every week, and that there was also a time limit on completing these quests. If you were late to the Shadowlands party or took too much time with the currently active quest, you couldn't simply tackle all the quests up to the current state one after the other, but had to be patient until the next ID change.

Blizzard has removed this limitation with the hotfixes from last night. You can now tackle the following quests in one piece (earning an extra 900 soul ash in total).

  1. The search for Baine
  2. Explores Torghast
  3. Remains of hope
  4. The price of information + torture chamber: Jaina
  5. Find a witness
  6. So that the trail does not go cold
  7. Torture chamber: Thrall
  8. Traces of the lion
  9. The captured king

The second catch-up fix involves the Legendary Memories you can earn in the Torghast Wings. In the past few weeks, players have only ever had two given wings open for visits in each ID - and thus only certain Legendarys could be earned at any given time. With the opening of the Winding Corridors, players are now reporting that they could earn Legendary memories there as well (via Icy Veins). In the corridors, you will encounter bosses that you can also challenge in the normal Torghast wings. And these same bosses apparently drop the Legendary Memories in the Winding Corridors as well, if you're lucky.

By the way, your progress in the Winded Corridors counts for your entire account. So you don't have to fight your way up all 144 corridors with all your characters.


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