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WoW: No gold limit for character transfers to "Classic Era" realms

In the run-up to the official announcement of Burning Crusade Classic

, some players had wished that there would be restrictions on gold and items for the transition to the new Classic chapter or for character transfers to new servers in order to "healthily shrink" the economy of the Classic servers.

Not only in our interview with Blizzard

, however, the responsible parties now stressed that they do not want to take away the players' hard earned and earned gold by any means. In a conversation with Blizzard Watch, they became even more concrete:

Those who stay on the Progression servers that will transform from WoW (buy now €14.99 )

Classic to Burning Crusade Classic will keep all their gold, all items in the Auction House, all items in the mail and take them with them to Outland Era.

The same goes for players who want to take their characters from progression servers to the new "Classic Era" realms. There will be no gold limit or any item restrictions for the character transfer.

And if you choose to use the paid copy service to play on both servers equally, all of your Hero's possessions will also be copied and transferred without exception.

What do you think about the fact that some players will be starting the next Classic chapter with high five-figure or even six-figure gold sums, while others will be starting from scratch? Tell us in the comments!

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