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WoW: Patch 9.1.5 - these are the strongest pacts for your play style!

Patch 9.1.5

, which recently arrived on the live servers, has only a few direct class adjustments, but it can still cause one or the other shift between the play styles. The pact abilities of many classes have been reworked. Whereby... "revised" is probably the wrong word here. In the second interim patch of the WoW expansion Shadowlands, the developers have left it at buffing the respective pact abilities of the underrepresented pacts a bit. Here a few percent, there a few percent and many players feel forced to change the pact as soon as possible.

However, two things should be mentioned here. First, there is no pressure to leave your favorite pact. The differences are usually relatively small and do not really matter to the majority of players. On the other hand, this possibly self-imposed constraint is not so bad anymore. With patch 9.1.5, it is relatively easy to switch back and forth between the pacts as soon as you have reached fame level 80.

Many players took this opportunity to change their home in the Shadowlands. Naturally, the top players were the first to make the switch. Because for them, there's often only one thing that counts: the DpS or healing that comes out in the end. But where do you have to switch to if you want to be at the top of the DpS food chain? We've taken a look at the logs of the absolute top players in terms of DpS and HpS, and we'll tell you which pacts the players who are at the top of DpS and HpS rankings have moved to.

Damage Dealers in Patch 9.1.5 - The Strongest Pacts

To do this, we look at the logs of the current raid to see the strongest players of each class and spec and check which pact they belong to. In many cases, you can clearly see which pact delivers the most damage. In some cases, however, several pacts are so close to each other that they have to share the top ranks. We'll take a look at all ten bosses and tell you if there are any differences.

  • Devastation Demon Hunter (73% Nachtfae, 27% Venthyr) - The Venthyr are a bit stronger especially against single opponents.
  • Balance Druid (100% Venthyr)
  • Fierceness Druid (100% Night Fae)
  • Demonology-Witch Master (100% night fae)
  • Destruction Witch Master (96% Nachtfae) - Very, very few Necrolords are mixed among them
  • Affliction-Witchmaster (99% Nachtfae) - Only one Necrolord is found among the top players
  • Marksmanship-Hunter (74% Nachtfae, 24% Kyrians) - Occasionally there are still Venthyr in the top lists
  • Beast Mastery Hunter( 94% Night Fae, 6% Venthyr)
  • Survival Hunter (68% Kyrians, 22% Venthyr) - Some Nachtfae have found their way into the top lists
  • Weapon Warrior (72% Nachtfae, 28% Kyrians) - Both pacts are in the top lists for almost all bosses
  • Furor Warrior (74% Kyrians, 14% Venthyr, 12% Nachtfae) - Furor warriors have a good choice of pacts
  • Arcane Mage (99% Kyrian) - Nachtfae, however, is only slightly weaker
  • Fire Mage (80% Nachtfae, 20% Venthyr) - The Venthyr are mainly represented by the earlier bosses
  • Frost Mage (92% Venthyr, 8% Nachtfae)
  • Wind Runner Monk (87% Necrolords, 13% Kyrians)
  • Retribution Paladin (100% Kyrians)
  • Shadow Priest (93% Necrolords, 7% Night Fae) - Interestingly, the Night Fae are almost exclusively from China and Korea.
  • Elemental Shaman (79% Nachtfae, 21% Necrolords) - The Necrolords are mainly represented in the early bosses.
  • Amplifier Shaman (94% Nachtfae, 4% Kyrians, 3% Venthyr, 1% Nekrolords) - In the amplifiers, all four pacts are actually represented in the top100
  • Assassin Rogue (84% Venthyr, 16% Nekrolords)
  • Lawlessness Rogue (51% Kyrians, 27% Necrolords, 22% Venthyr)
  • Deception Rogue (81% Venthyr, 19% Kyrian) - There is hardly any class with more variance between the pacts than the Rogue.
  • Frost Death Knight (88% Necrolords, 8% Kyrians) - In between there are a handful of Venthyrs.
  • Unholy Death Knight (99% Nekrolords) - A single Kyrian made it into the top list with Sylvanas

Healers in patch 9.1.5 - the strongest pacts

And of course, we'll also take a look at the healers. Here we'll limit ourselves to the healing cast. Of course, that's not all: the damage, the utility or any additional cooldowns also play a big role. However, these can hardly be quantified.

  • Restoration Druid (100% Night Fae)
  • Holy Paladin (91% Venthyr, 9% Kyrian) - The Venthyr also do a lot more damage on the side
  • Holy Priest (40% Night Fae, 33% Kyrian, 18% Venthyr, 9% Necrolords) - Many of the Kyrians are actually Disciples who have switched to Holy for some fights
  • Discipline Priest (97% Kyrian, 3% Venthyr)
  • Restoration Shaman (87% Necrolords, 11% Venthyr) - Also, one Nachtfae and one Kyian can be found in the top lists
  • Mistcaster Monk (96% Necrolords, 4% Kyians).

Tanks in patch 9.1.5 - the strongest pacts

Tanks are even more difficult to classify than healers. Do you go by DpS? Or would you rather go by self-healing, damage taken per second, or more elusive stats like the Theck-Meloree index? This alone has been the subject of debate for eons. Because everything has its advantages and disadvantages. We have therefore decided to use the DpS, knowing that it will not paint a complete picture. But at this point in the expansion, survival is hardly a problem for any tank even in the mythic raid, so why not bang out maximum damage?

  • Vengeance Demon Hunter (97% Kyrians, 3% Necrolords)
  • Guardian-Druid (98% Nachtfae) - Only one Kyrian and one Venthyr can be found in the top lists
  • Protection Warrior (69% Kyrians, 25% Nachtfae) - Plus a handful of Necrolords in the top bosses
  • Brewmaster Monk (96% Kyrian) - There are a few Necrolords in the Fate Scribe and Kel'Thuzad lists.
  • Protection Paladin (96% Venthyr) - Beside a few Kyrians there is actually a Nachtfae at Sylvanas.
  • Blood Death Knight (84% Kyrians, 10% Necrolords, 4% Venthyr) - Also two Nachtfae are represented in the top lists

Have you already changed your pact with patch 9.1.5 - or are you planning to do so? And if so, where are you going?

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