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WoW Patch 9.2: Cosmic Flux - this is how much you need for T-Sets & Legendarys

With the upcoming patch 9.2, we will get a new resource in WoW: Shadowlands called Cosmic Flux. We need this to upgrade our Legendarys to the new maximum level and for the production of Tier Set items. Unlike previous patches, however, we won't be forced into a certain content for it, as was the case with Soul Embers and Soul Ash. This is because we can capture Cosmic Flux in almost any end-game content in the upcoming update. Whether it's mythical dungeons, Torghast, the new raid, Mausoleum of the First, or even open-world content - Cosmic Flux is available as a reward everywhere.

We have summarized for you how much of the new resource you need and where exactly you can get it.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Video on End of Eternity

Cosmic Flux - for this we need the resource

Currently, we need Cosmic Flux on the PTR for two things: upgrading Legendarys and crafting Tier Set items.

Cosmic Flux - making animal set item

The creation catalyst introduced in one of the more recent PTR builds will allow you to craft your own tier set items in the upcoming patch. We have summarized exactly how this works for you in a separate article on the Creation Catalyst. The amount of Cosmic Flux you need for each item is as follows:

  • Wrists, cape 600 Cosmic Flux
  • Belt, shoes: 800 Cosmic Flux
  • Shoulders, gloves: 1,200 Cosmic Flux
  • Helmet, Chest, Pants: 1,500 Cosmic Flux

However, the transformation/creation has a cooldown. So you can't craft one item after another on a whim, no matter how much Cosmic Flux you have.

Cosmic Flux - Upgrading Legendarys

Crafting and upgrading Legendarys has been available on the PTR for quite some time. Currently, we only need Cosmic Flux for the final level (from rank 6 to rank 7).

  • Upgrading an existing Legendary to rank 7 will cost you 2,000 Cosmic Flux.
  • Crafting a new Legendary to rank 7 will cost you 2,000 Cosmic Flux, 1,650 Soul Embers and 5,150 Soul Ash.

So if you want to upgrade your existing Legendarys, you only need the new resource. To create a completely new Legendary, you will still need Soul Ash and Soul Embers.

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Cosmic Flux - here I get the resource

In contrast to Soul Embers and Soul Ashes, which can still only be obtained from Torghast, there are plenty of sources for Cosmic Flux - including the Endless Tower.

Cosmic Flux from Torghast

From level 13 (with patch 9.2 more levels will be added in Torghast) you will get Cosmic Flux as well as Soul Ash and Soul Embers.

  • Level 13: 70 Cos mic Flux (30 Soul Ash, 30 Soul Embers)
  • Level 14: 10 Cosmic Flux (30 Soul Ash, 30 Soul Embers)
  • Level 15: 10 Cosmic Flux (30 Soul Ash, 30 Soul Embers)
  • Level 16: 10 Cosmic Flux (30 Soul Ash, 30 Soul Embers)

Of course, you'll still get the rewards of all levels below that in addition. So if you successfully complete Torghast on level 16, you will receive a total of 100 Cosmic Flux, 470 Soul Embers, and 1150 Soul Ashes.

Cosmic Flux from Zereth Mortis

Of course, you can also get the new resource in the new area from patch 9.2 - even from various sources.

  • Unique Treasure Chests: 200 Cosmic Flux
  • Daily available treasure chests: 75 Cosmic Flux
  • Repeatable treasure chests: 12 Cosmic Flux
  • Rare enemies: 50 to 75 Cosmic Flux
  • Daily Quest: 75 Cosmic Flux
  • Weekly Quest (currently available on the PTR twice per week): 200 Cosmic Flux

So if you play a lot in Zereth Mortis, you will collect a lot of Cosmic Flux along the way.

Cosmic Flux from Dungeons, PvP, and Raid

Besides Zereth Mortis and Torghast, there are other ways to get the new resource.

  • Mythic-Plus Dungeons: 100 Cosmic Flux
  • Rated Arena: 345 Cosmic Flux (Datamined)
  • Mausoleum of the First: no Cosmic Flux at the moment

By the way, in the dungeons the level of the keystone doesn't matter at all - there is the same amount on each level. The amount of reward from the rated arena is still likely to change, as it seems much too high and, moreover, could not be tested.

By the way, in the Mausoleum of the First there is currently no loot except for equipment - for example, no Anima. But there will surely be some more to come. How much Cosmic Flux there will ultimately be per boss and whether we can get the resource once in each difficulty level remains to be seen.
Do you like the fact that you can get Cosmic Flux from almost all end-game activities and no longer exclusively from one source?

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