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WoW Patch 9.2 lets you buy missing Legendarys with Soul Glow

The upcoming WoW patch 9.2 will certainly shake things up again in terms of balancing. Not only the new tier set bonuses, but also the fact that you will soon be able to carry two Legendarys and that Blizzard will certainly also change the talents and abilities a bit, should ensure that one or the other player will use different Legendarys than before. Of course, it would be good if you have already unlocked them in your collection.

But even twinks and newcomers often face the problem that one or the other memory is still missing. Most of them are easy to capture, but at the latest when you have to kill a boss in Castle Nathria, for example, finding a group for it can become very time-consuming.

Unlocking random memories

Fortunately, however, there is the possibility in WoW (buy now ) to unlock a random one of the missing memories. Currently, that's in the Pact Sanctum for 35 Grateful Gift or in Korthia for a whopping 2,000 Catalogued Research.

WoW Patch 9.2 lets you buy missing Legendarys with Soul Embers (2) Source: buffed With patch 9.2 there will be an additional possibility for this. Then you will be able to buy Chronicles of Lost Memories from the Bonesmith Heirmir - for 600 Soul Glow. This is quite practical, because Soul Glow is relatively quick and easy to farm since you no longer only get loot from the Torghast Wings once a week. In addition, in patch 9.2 you can send Soul Embers from one character to another, which is especially useful for twinks and their memories.

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As convenient as this adjustment is, it also brings to light a major Shadowlands problem that many players complain about. With each new patch, much of the old stuff is completely devalued, and Blizzard has to use Band-Aids to make sure that the resources they collect still serve some purpose, while also making sure that important rewards from barely-played content, are still easily accessible to stragglers.

This change accomplishes both, at least to some extent. For the upcoming expansion, however, most players would still like to see a revision of such systems. Areyou still missing Legendary memories or have you already collected all available ones? After all, many of them will be unlocked account-wide.

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