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WoW Patch 9.2: Raid bosses drop more animal parts than expected

How much loot do we get when we visit the new Mausoleum of the First raid in WoW Patch 9.2? And most importantly, how many tier set pieces do the individual bosses leave behind? The answer to this question is provided by the latest PTR build, with which the raid's bosses have now received their loot tables.

But before we get into the drug rates in the raid from patch 9.2, a note beforehand:

The following information is the current status on the test server. Individual details may still change before the release of the update.

Which boss drops which pet slot?

Basically, at the moment, we don't get the tier set pieces in Patch 9.2 in the form of a token, but directly as a finished piece of armor. Also, the bosses on Mythic difficulty drop a full four set pieces each in addition to the normal rewards. So if your raid group defeats a boss on Mythic, you'll get four pet set pieces plus four more pieces of normal gear. If this rate holds true for Normal and Heroic difficulty as well, we'll likely get one pet set piece for every five players in a raid on each boss.

Five bosses in the Mausoleum of the First raid will drop Tier Set pieces in the process. Each of these enemies will grant you one piece for a specific slot:

  • Hands: Lihuvim
  • Legs: Halondrus
  • Head: Anduin (final boss of the first week)
  • Shoulders: Lords of Dread (available from week 2)
  • Chest: Rygelon (available from week 2)

This also means that you won't be able to collect the full tier set until week 2 at the earliest after the raid opens. Additionally: You can pass on the Tier Set parts within your group - provided that you have an item with the same item level or higher.

But now we want to know from you: What do you think of this system? Are you happy about the high drop rate and the lack of tokens? Or would you have preferred a different way of loot distribution? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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