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WoW Patch 9.2: Secrets of the First - Chapter 3 of Zereth Mortis Campaign

After obtaining the five Seals of the Eternals, Dungeon Master Zovaal opened a portal to the new patch 9.2 zone Zereth Mortis, with the goal of using the knowledge hidden in the Mausoleum of the First to recreate reality. Meanwhile, the Primus collected the four replacement seals created by the pacts to forge a key that will allow us to follow Zovaal to the Land of the First. After the Primus opens a portal to Zereth Mortis at launch in Patch 9.2, we must repel Zovaal's servants, help the Automa deal with the Devourer invaders, and ally with the Enlightened to understand the language of the Automa using the Cipher of the First system, which unlocks new content throughout the zone.

The new campaign in Patch 9.2 will include 8 chapters with a corresponding player achievement. For players who have already completed the first three chapters, all subsequent secondary characters will have the option to skip this part. To do so, take the first quest "Call of Primus" and talk to Tal-Inara in Oribos. This will also unlock Pocopoc, your robot friend in Zereth Mortis, for those characters.

It is currently anticipated that the first three chapters of the 9.2 campaign will be available in the first week of Patch 9.2, as they all serve as an introduction to several systems in Zereth Mortis:

  • Chapter 1 unlocks access to Zereth Mortis and the Oribos Portal to the Zone, located at the northern end of the Transmission Ring.
  • Chapter 2 unlocks world quests in Zereth Mortis.
  • Chapter 3 unlocks the Ciphers of the First system and Pocopoc, daily quests in Zereth Mortis, and the campaign jump for the first three 9.2 chapters for secondary characters.

Zereth Mortis Campaign - Chapter 3: Developing Understanding

After the Dungeon Master manages to make his way into the Mausoleum of the First (the raid instance) and seals it behind him, Bolvar decides that we should help the Enlightened in any way we can. While we try to find a way into the mausoleum, Pelagos offers his help with the Devourer problem in the zone.

Upon entering the fields of Genesis, we are greeted by a strange sounding voice, nothing we had ever heard before. As we follow the voice, we locate an oracle automa. We can just barely understand that we are supposed to help him in his quest for knowledge. As we try to speak with him, we are ambushed by devourers. We defend the oracle, but cannot save it from becoming unconscious. To wake it up, we escort it back to the refuge.

When we arrive at the refuge with the Oracle, the Enlightened Ones want nothing to do with it - they say that the ways of the First are unfathomable, and don't even believe that the Oracle spoke to us. Pelagos remembers Firim, the broker who helped us when we first arrived in Zereth Mortis. We search the place for clues to his whereabouts.

In the notes we find, we learn that the Enlightened Ones should not interfere with the intentions and creations of the First Ones if they do not want to be exiled - the same fate that once befell Firim. The Mausoleum of the First is taboo. We eventually find a letter mentioning that Firim was last seen west of the Forge of the First and take up the pursuit.

During the pursuit, it turns out that the Enlightened One who had written about Firim has been murdered. Near his corpse we find a map to Firim's hiding place. We eventually find him there, however he is not very pleased to see us. He thinks we are bringing Cartel Xy assassins right to his doorstep. We tell Firim about the oracle we found, but like the other Enlightened Ones, he doesn't believe us. While Pelagos retrieves the oracle from the refuge, we help Firim eliminate the Cartel Xy assassins in the area.

We find out from talking to Firim that the Oracle was looking for a core. Firim tries to use the core we found in our first encounter in Zereth Mortis. When the core is used, the Oracle wakes up briefly in a cutscene, but immediately passes out again, and the core turns into a mysterious little automaton.

We follow this automa to several consoles in the area and find that this oracle is able to at least partially decipher the strange alphabet used by the First. We eventually follow the Automa to a cave full of broken robots and discover a tablet. Firim picks it up and all the knowledge on it is revealed.

Firim tells us that the Automa has taken a liking to us, and we bond with him in further. From now on, Pocopoc, the Automa's name, will accompany us on our adventures in Zereth Mortis. In addition, the Ciphers of the First system and the daily quests in Zereth Mortis will be unlocked.

In the following series of pictures, you will accompany our shaman as he completes the quests of the third chapter, "Developing Understanding," until the unlocking of the daily quests in Zereth Mortis, the Ciphers of the First system, and Pocopoc. Have fun!

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