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WoW: Patch 9.2 will be a paradise for boosting groups - and Blizzard is to blame

WoW Shadowlands is currently rather dead. Most players have already finished with the current patch and are now looking forward to the upcoming update 9.2. Blizzard will not only finally deliver new content, but also tread some new or rediscovered paths. Many of these have been well received by the community, but there are some major exceptions.

One of them is the fact that you have to farm reputation again to get a second Legendary. Other decisions on the part of Blizzard, on the other hand, mean that many players are anxiously awaiting Patch 9.2 and fear a massive increase in boosting communities and their annoying advertising. The writer of these lines shares this fear for several reasons.

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Success saves work - the new media upgrade item

With patch 9.2, Blizzard introduces an item

that allows us to learn all mediums and upgrade them to level 278 at the touch of a button. This is great because it saves us a lot of work. Normally, this would require killing countless bosses, clearing dungeons, doing world quests, or farming any resources. However, there is a serious catch. You can only get the item from the merchant under certain conditions.

The new media upgrade is causing disgruntlement in the community. Source: buffed

On the one hand, there's the required reputation, which pisses off many players, but that's not the topic here. On the other hand, you'll also have to show an achievement that isn't easy to get. You'll need to earn the Elite title in PvP, defeat all the bosses in the new raid in Mythic mode, or complete a Mythic Plus dungeon at level 20. None of these are realistically achievable for the broad mass of WoW players



you resort to boost groups. The savings of getting all media to the new maximum level at once is so great that even players who actually dislike boosting are tempted. And keep in mind, the item is not account-wide, so you'll have to complete a dungeon like this with every character that wants the item, according to the current PTR. So for my part, I'm sure that with patch 9.2, the groups that offer you an M+20 dungeon boost will explode. And with them, of course, the spam ads in the trade channel.

Tier sets do not make it better

The return of tier set items is celebrated by the vast majority of WoW players - myself included. However, it's not exactly conducive if you don't feel like boosting sets. Because, as always, the sets work outside of the raid, which is why many players want to get their hands on them. While they will probably be available to everyone in the LFR as well, that might not do Mythic-Plus players too much good. Therefore, many players will probably want to get boosted by the heroic or mythic raid in order to get an advantage in the dungeons.

Source: Blizzard Source: Blizzard

Of course, Blizzard could get around that by making the tier sets accessible outside of the raid. And tadaa, that's exactly what they announced. But unfortunately, there's no sign of that in Zereth Mortis or the one on the entire PTR. This begs the question: why?
My answer would be: Blizzard's developers themselves did not know at the time of the announcement exactly how they actually want to implement this satisfactorily. Otherwise, why not release a (hopefully) not overly complicated feature directly for testing?
But my fear is: Blizzard has changed its mind. Because although many players were happy to get the tier sets even without raiding, there were also loud voices that spoke against it. They did not want to see the long-standing connection between tier sets and raids in WoW (buy now ) softened. If the Blizzards have indeed changed their mind, the boost groups in particular would be happy about it.

Mythic plus score is becoming more and more important

Another reason why many players are getting boosted in WoW is the official Mythic Plus score introduced with patch 9.1.

This has now established itself in the WoW community and has led to what many predicted. Instead of seeing it as a rating for experience in one area of WoW (namely mythic dungeons), it is now increasingly being used as a benchmark for a player's overall rating. Whether it's Torghast, raid, guild application, or PvP, the publicly viewable score is often taken as a rating and players are excluded from certain areas because of it.

The Mythic Plus score is becoming increasingly important among players. Source: buffed

To counteract this, many players are already upgrading to Keystone Master or similar titles. Because once you have the score, you don't lose it over the course of a season. And the official score just doesn't show if you've completed each dungeon exactly once (on tyrannical and boosted) while lying dead on the floor half the time. And with patch 9.2, the problem will not miraculously disappear by itself. Quite the opposite - it's more likely to get bigger.

Of course, there is no patent solution for the problem of boosting, which is now established not only in WoW. But at least the official ban on actively advertising such runs in the game could be extended. So far, it is officially banned only in the group search tool, but not in the trade channel. And even where it is banned, you get the feeling that Blizzard doesn't really take consistent action against it. There's no other way to explain the dozens of ad groups that pop up seemingly every second.

How do you guys feel about boosting groups in WoW? Are you also worried that this will get worse with the upcoming patch 9.2?

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