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WoW: Patch Notes from 9.2 PTR - Frost Mage nerfs partially rolled back

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The final touches are being made on the WoW test realm for Shadowlands Patch 9.2

. Some important details like the acquisition of additional socket slots are still missing, otherwise the current build looks pretty far along. The developers are therefore finding time to further customize classes and their tier sets.

In the latest PTR build

, the nerfs mainly hit the ferocity druid and the mage's frost playstyle. Keep in mind, however, that a lot can still change until the release of patch 9.2 and that the performance of the individual specs will be looked at again after the first raid IDs.

Update from February 10, 2022: With the changes for the Frost Mage, the Mythic Plus build in particular was virtually destroyed. The developers have realized this and have announced in the official forum that the nerfs for Frozen Orb and Blizzard will remain, but the nerf for the Icy Drive medium will be completely withdrawn

. Frost mages will thus still be able to keep Icy Veins active in dungeons almost permanently.

Class Buffs and Nerfs - PTR Build

  • Death Knight
    • Class Sets
      • Unholy
        • 4 Set Bonus: Now grants the Death Knight the Harvest Time buff if the enemy dies while Soul Reaper is active on them before it explodes.
  • Druid
    • Class Sets
      • Ferocity
        • Set of 4 bonus: Damage reduced by 65%.
          • Developer comment: This adjustment is pretty heavy so we wanted to explain why this is necessary. Sickle of the Lion's damage was set too high due to a bug that caused external power increases, such as Mastery and abilities that enhance Feral's rotation, to double dip and even triple dip into those benefits. The damage reduction reflects the removal of those repeat benefits and bringing the damage in line with other set bonuses. We are watching feedback closely and will adjust, even post launch, if the need arises. Thank you for testing and providing feedback, we genuinely appreciate the support!
      • Guardian
        • 4-set bonus: Damage reduced by 32% and healing reduced by 25%.
  • Mage
    • Frost
      • Damage from Frozen Orb reduced by 8%.
      • Damage from Blizzard reduced by 5%. In addition, Blizzard hits now only reduce the cooldown of Frozen Orb by 0.25 seconds (previously 0.5 seconds).
      • Icy Drive (Medium): Critical hits now only reduce the cooldown of Icy Veins by 0.35 seconds (previously 0.75 seconds).
  • Monk
    • Generous Brew (Necrolord Legendary template) now extends the duration of Bone Dust Brew when triggered while the target is affected by Bone Dust Brew.
  • Priest
    • Class Sets
      • Discipline
        • Set of 2 bonus:
          • Shadow heals without spell time increase the duration of Apology by two seconds, up to 16 seconds.
          • Manifested Twilight duration increased to 20 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
          • Shadow Healing no longer consumes all stacks of Manifested Twilight.
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Players no longer channel on the Titan Console to view the Bypass Code, instead click the Titan Console to gain a debuff named Titanic Insight. Titanic Insight allows the player to see signs on the Titan Console for 15 seconds, but now you will be able to move and engage during the stage. The Titan Console can only be accessed by a single player every 15 seconds.

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