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WoW Poll: How do you like Classic with Phase 4? Are you still playing?

Our last poll on WoW Classic was quite a long time ago. Back then, the vanilla re-release was just six weeks old. In the meantime, content phase 5 with the two Ahn'Qiraj raids is just around the corner, the servers are still busy, and guilds visit Molten Core, Pitchwing Lair, and Zul'Gurub every day.

But many players have also turned their backs on WoW Classic (buy now €14.99)


recent months. Even in the buffed editorial team, many are concentrating on WoW: Battle for Azeroth again. Only Karsten is still fully motivated to play the Classic endgame, and Suse is also doing her rounds in Azeroth from 2005/2006 on a semi-regular basis.

But what about you? Are you still playing or have you already declared your Classic career over? What level is your character currently at? And how do you like WoW Classic so far? We want to answer all of these questions and more in the following survey, which will cost you about a minute of your life. The more of you participate, the more meaningful the survey results will be!

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Alternatively, you can of course voice your opinion in the comments section. We read every comment and will certainly include one or two quotes from you in the article with the survey analysis. We thank you for your participation and the time you invested and wish you a great day! More information about WoW Classic can be found, as usual, on our topic page.

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