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WoW: Pre-Event gives you a chance to win the coveted Rampant Sword Hilt

Shortly before the launch of the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, the pre-event for it has started and takes our heroes to the cold wasteland of Northrend. More precisely, to the Icecrown, where the Scourge runs uncontrollably amok. Without the Lich King, there is no one left to keep the walking undead in check. We heroically throw ourselves in the face of danger and turn the abandoned Icecrown back into a battlefield years after WotlK.

However, this also brings with it some side effects, not all of which were probably intended. For example, the Argent Tournament daily quests can no longer be completed, and access to the raid and dungeon located at the tournament site was temporarily unavailable, but this should be fixed with the hotfix.

A positive side effect, on the other hand, is that all enemies in the Ice Crown can drop the Rampooned Sword Hilt for you, assuming a bit of luck. This is an item from WotlK that is still very popular today and sometimes fetches enormous prices in the auction house. With the sword hilt you start a quest series, at the end of which you receive a weapon of the Quel'Dalar. These weapons were strong back then and are still a very popular transmog template today. By the way, there is a whole range of weapons so that every class can do something with the Rampooned Sword Hilt.

  • Quel'Delar, Cunning of the Shadows
  • Quel'Delar, Lens of Thought
  • Quel'Delar, Power of the Faithful
  • Quel'Delar, ferocity of the spurned
  • Cudgel of furious justice
  • Hammer of the Purified Flame
  • Lightborn Spire

So if you still want to get your hands on it, you now have another reason to participate extensively in the pre-event for Shadowlands. By the way, the drop rate for the mini-bosses of the event seems to be a bit higher than for normal enemies.

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