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WoW: Riding costs, tribute box and diamond vial in Classic Fresh

While the name reservation phase is underway and the launch of WoW Classic: Season of Mastery on November 17 is drawing ever closer, the Blizzard developers have once again announced a few adjustments compared to WoW Classic. These revolve around the riding costs, the Tribute Run Crate from Bleak Quarry, and the Warrior Drinket Diamond Vial.

  • The cost of learning the riding skills and the cost of purchasing a level 40 mount will be reduced.
  • The Gordok Tribute Chest from Bleak Quarry North (already available at launch) can no longer be looted by players who were not present at the battle when King Gordok passed away.
  • The healing granted by the Warrior Jewelry Diamond Vial can no longer be affected by plus healing or spell power.

These adjustments have apparently already been implemented in the beta over the past few weeks, but there's been no official documentation for them yet. While the former adjustment should certainly please most players (after all, we have significantly less time to farm gold for all the cool stuff in Championship season), we're curious about the feedback on the other two changes.

The fact that you could distribute the sometimes really good loot from the tribute chest to other players was used extensively in WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

Classic. Often guilds combined solo runs of their hunters in Bleak Quarry with world buff preparations for the next raid evening, so there were constantly people running through cleaned DB North IDs. Okay, the latter will be gone in the championship season as well.

The diamond vial of

the level 50 warrior quest, meanwhile, was extremely popular with ... well ... all warriors, and that was until the final stage. As a tank, you could give yourself such a powerful heal-over-time effect with a plus-heal gear composition before combat that you barely needed healing to begin with and could generate an enormous amount of aggro on the side. Yes, it was "op" and many a warrior cursed because he "had" to get plus-healing gear. But it was also a very cool mechanic that could lead to wipes if the warrior forgot to switch to the right armor in time.

What do you think of the changes? Tell us in the comments!


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