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WoW: Season of the championship makes a real boss out of Fankriss

Update from 06 April 2022:
There was another update for the public test server of the championship season a few hours ago. There, the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj with its optional hard mode is currently available for test rounds. The following adjustments have been implemented according to Game Producer Aggrend:

  • The fight against Fankriss has been adjusted. While there are said to be few new mechanics, the combat has been changed so that raids must play the existing mechanics cleanly if they want to survive. In Vanilla WoW and Classic, Fankriss was always considered a free-loot candidate. That's about to change, even without hardmode.
  • Depending on the hardmode version your raid chooses, bosses will now drop additional loot.
  • The shadow orbs that appear after a tentacle dies will now float to the ground more slowly. In addition, it should now be easier to interact with the shadow orbs.
  • If you build up too many stacks of the Essence of C'thun debuff through shadow orbs, you can expect "additional consequences."

Original post from March 30, 2022:
We had already reported on how the new version of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj will look like in the Championship season of WoW (buy now ) Classic. Already at Skeram we can expect new mechanics such as deadly clones and an eye of C'Thun. After the boss fight, we can then activate an optional hard mode in three difficulty variants. Now there was a new PTR build from Blizzard, which should make AQ40 even harder and more mysterious.

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News from the Classic PTR

In the official forum, Game Producer Aggrend revealed what exactly has been changed in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj with the new patch for the public test server:

  • Prophet Skeram and his clones' lightning strikes now deal higher damage.
  • The tentacles that can appear after activating hardmode now announce themselves with an area effect on the ground.
  • When a tentacle is destroyed, shadow orbs appear. When you touch them, something mysterious apparently happens. The developers emphasize that the effects belonging to the shadow spheres are still "work in progress". So things may still change in future PTR builds.
  • Partly, the hardmode challenges also appeared outside of battles. This bug has been fixed.
  • The template characters that you can use to test the new content on the PTR now have engineering skill set to the maximum. Note that these changes only apply to newly created template characters.
  • The NPC Cap'n Placeholder now sells Goblin Pioneer Blast as well as consumables that allow you to purify poisons.
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