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WoW: Secrets in Azeroth - Murdering Barbers, Unknown Soldiers, Crypt of Sinners

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. Stormwind: The murderous barber2. Undercity: The voices of the past3. Twilight Forest: The Unknown Soldier4. Mountain Pass of the Winds of the Dead: The Vault of Sinners

In our retro article series

, we regularly present highlights from more than 15 years of buffed. Putting pop culture references into a game... Pah! Anyone can do that. However, when it comes to incorporating mysterious and sometimes eerie elements into a game, they are usually so hidden that hardly any player can find them. This is also the case in the popular MMO World of Warcraft from developer Blizzard. While almost every WoW fan knows that Uldum is almost a single Indiana Jones happening and in the Red Ridge Mountains, a Rambo-verse is up to his mischief, hardly anyone can name where you can find the grave of the unknown soldier in World of Warcraft.

To close this "education gap", we want to tell you in this and upcoming specials about mysterious places, strange messages and fun game elements that not everyone knows or can explain. For example, in our current special, the eerie voices of the past in the ruins of Lordaeron. Or the tomb of the unknown soldier, guarded by sinister statues.

Do you like our special or can you tell us about other strange things in Azeroth? Then use the comments section for your feedback! Missed the first installment of our series featuring Azeroth's most dangerous sheep, Conan's Vault, or the Children of Gold Grove? Then you'll find fun, myths, and sheer terror in Azeroth here.

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Stormwind: The Murderous Barber

Stormwind: The Murderous Barber Source: buffed

The darkest secrets are usually hidden right under our noses. For example, in the vibrant metropolis of Stormwind. Have you ever visited the barber in the Trade District? In front of the door, the owner Genevieve awaits you with kind words, inviting you to enter.

invites you. Inside, Jelinek Scharfschur awaits you, promising you services around the heroic hair, and even polishing the Draenean horns and tentacles. But be on your guard when you sit down on the barber's chair, because many a customer has paid for his new haircut with his life. How do we get there? Climb the stairs to the second floor. Between the bed and the table in the bedroom you'll see some loose boards, under which lie the skeletons of gnomes! A perfect allusion to the novel character Sweeney Todd, the devilish barber from Fleet Street.

Where do you find the skeletons? Travel to Stormwind in the Trade District (coordinates: 62,65) and climb up to the second floor of the barbershop.

Lower Town: The Voices of the Past

Undercity: The voices of the past Source: Buffed

One of the better-known secrets isn't really a secret at all: Arthas killed his father King Menethil II with Frostmourne - in front of the court. Warcraft fans know this scene from Warcraft 3 and expansion, you can watch it in the linked cinematic. And although this scene is so well known, many players don't know that you can still "witness" it in Undercity. In the ruins of Lordaeron above the Undercity, the throne room is still preserved; as is the narrow passageway that leads to the king's seat. If you are there, you can still hear the voices of Menethil and Arthas echoing off the walls. Goosebump moments especially for those who don't know the scene from Warcraft 3. Even on the ground, you'll find remnants of the rose petals that the people rained down from the sky to mark Arthas' entry into the city - a great Warcraft history lesson.

Where do you hear the voices of the past? In the upper part of Undercity - the ruins of Lordaeron (coordinates: 66,16) - you will find the Throne Room, where you can listen to the faint voices of Arthas and Menethil.

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Twilight Forest: The Unknown Soldier

Twilight Forest: The Unknown Soldier Source: Buffed

The Twilight Forest has always been eerie, if only for the gloomy atmosphere, the fiery eyes flashing in the bushes, and the twilight that reigns under the trees of the forest. Before Cataclysm, WoW fans could help the embalmer Calvinius with his devious plans in Raven's Flight. With WoW: Cataclysm, Calvinius has moved and now resides by a ruined tower in Beggar's Lair. Of course, this still doesn't keep him from his sinister plans. But the Beggar's Lair in the Twilight Forest has much more to offer than a solitary hermit.

Coming from Dunkelhain, a path turns off into the wilderness in front of Calvinius Tower, which also leads to the Beggar's Lair. Follow the winding Twilight Forest: The Unknown Soldier Source: Buffed

Follow the path until you pass the tower on the right and see an archway in front of you. Walk through the arch and you will reach a stream. On your right you will see another arch, a stone coffin, two of the eerie statues with the glowing eyes, the hoods and the swords. And with luck you will see the unknown soldier kneeling in front of the tomb; a skeleton in the armor of Lordaeron. It is a so-called rare mob, which carries in its pockets an item of ordinary quality. But why disturb the grief of an undead, just for a piece of green loot? The story behind the soldier is as unknown as his name. But the gloomy atmosphere, the wind whistling through the forest and the unmarked grave guarded by the sinister statues can send a shiver down your spine.

Where will you find the unknown soldier? In the Dusk Forest, travel to Dunkelhain and then follow the road to the Mountain Pass of the Winds of the Dead. At about coordinates 84.41, the path to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier turns off the road. You will find the tomb, the statues and with luck the soldier himself at the coordinates 90.31.

Mountain Pass of the Winds of Death: The Vault of Sinners

Mountain Pass of the Winds of the Dead: The Vault of Sinners Source: Buffed

Now things get tricky, as we head into the mountain pass of the winds of death to Karazhan. As if the tower of Medivh and the caves below it weren't scary enough, there's also a graveyard and crypt in the subzone of Morgan's Ground. This crypt is one of the most frightening places in Azeroth - and unfortunately it is no longer accessible. In Classic WoW it was possible to enter the crypt, which was actually blocked with a grate.

crypt by getting knocked down in front of the crypt and then "rezzing" on the other side. Apparently, the developers wanted to put a stop to this and built an invisible wall in front of the entrance. You can't legally enter the tomb, but just standing in front of the grate, you not only see the dark corridors with skeletons on the floor, but also hear a constant eerie heartbeat in addition to the creepy music, which alone gives you goosebumps.

But what would await you in the crypt, which you can catch a glimpse of, but which is inaccessible to you? The crypt is divided into six different areas: These areas are connected to each other via labyrinth-like passages. The first area is "Well of the Forgotten", a rectangular room with a mysterious hole in the floor. To the west, you can see a corridor called "Pauper's Walk," effectively the poor man's walk, with countless skeletons lining its walls. Most of the tunnels leading further down into the tomb bear this name. Through "Slough of Despair", you reach two more areas of the tomb: "Tome of Unrepentant", a two-story hall with even more bones and a shallow pool of water. The second area is "Pit of Criminals", which is directly under the "Well of the Forgotten" - do you guess what is in this area? Probably the biggest mountain of skeletons and bones there is in World of Warcraft (buy now ) - gruesome. Presumably the hole, or well, in the upper room is meant to dispose of corpses quickly and discreetly into the Pit of Criminals area. Through a pool of water, you enter the creepiest room of all, the "Upside Down Sinners Room." Diving through the dirty water you see iron chains and hooks appearing in the distance, not really scary in itself. Until the first corpses appear hanging upside down from the iron chains, dozens of them. Together with the eerie heartbeat, the greatest heroes are frightened.
Mountain Pass of the Winds of the Dead: The Vault of Sinners Source: Buffed

The purpose of the tomb is unknown to this day, rumors say that this was supposed to become a part of the Karazhan instance, but the part was left out due to the terrifying scenery. As stated before, this area of Azeroth is not accessible. We can only hope that the developers will decide to open the tomb at least for brave explorers after all. Where can you find the Karazhan Vault? The grate that closes the entrance is located behind the tower of Karazhan, opposite the small chapel (coordinates: 40.73) in the Mountain Pass of the Winds of the Dead. to the home page to the gallery Jump to comments (76)