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WoW: Shadow priest blasts DpS rankings - thanks to 79!!! external cooldowns

With WoW Shadowlands, the developers have gone down a path that they had actually already abandoned. In the past, external cooldowns like Blessing of Power were taken out of the game because, according to Blizzard, it's not much fun if you have to leave your cooldowns to another player for maximum group performance. With Shadowlands, however, not only did some of them return, but thanks to pact abilities and various soul bands, there were some on top.

That wasn't a problem so far. Neither in the balancing nor in the general gameplay did it stand out in a negative way and Blizzard was also completely satisfied with the return. How much influence such abilities can have in the game, however, can be seen at the current time, as the raid is no longer challenging for many and raid evenings are made fun in other ways.

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When the whole raid plays for one player

The Asian Shadow Priest 阿拉伯二舅子 has now blown up almost all raid logs on a raid night - with the help of his raid group. Even with the final boss Sylvanas it was not only enough for the first place of all players - he also left all other shadow priests miles behind.
He put almost 24k DpS on the table with the soul shredder Dormazain. By comparison, the world's second-best Shadow Priest came in at a measly 17.5k. In the Tarragrue, he racked up a ridiculous 90k DpS!
WoW: Shadow Priest blasts DpS rankings - thanks to 79!!! external Cooldowns (3) Source: buffed

To reach such numbers, it needs the help of many, many, external cooldowns. So, during the fight against Sylvanas alone, the Priest got 79 external abilities that increased his damage. Among them were the following:
  • Soul of Power from four other priests, resulting in nearly 90 percent uptime of the buff
  • Kind Fairy from four priests, resulting in 86 percent uptime of the buff
  • Focus Magic from one mage
  • Blessing of Summer, Blessing of Autumn, and Blessing of Winter from three paladins
  • Soul Affinity and Soul Empowerment from one Druid
  • Banner of the Conqueror from one Warrior

WoW: Shadow priest blasts DpS rankings - thanks to 79!!! external cooldowns (2) Source: buffed Over the course of the raid, the Priest achieved a Void Shape

uptime of 62 percent! You can find the complete logs of the raid evening on Warcraftlogs.

With numbers like that, do you still think external cooldowns are useful and fun, or would you WoW (buy now ) rather see without such abilities?

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