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WoW Shadowlands: Blizzard introduces Revendreth and the Pact of Venthyr

After only Bastion was playable in the alpha of WoW: Shadowlands, the testers can now explore the second zone of the upcoming expansion with Revendreth. At the same time, the Blizzard developers have published a preview of Revendreth and the Venthyr Pact on the official World of Warcraft website.

Preview of Shadowlands: Welcome to Revendreth

An urgent message leads you to Count Denathrius, Lord of Revendreth and ruler of the Venthyr. There is currently an uprising in that realm, brought on by the anima shortage that has the Shadowlands firmly in its grip. There is only one thing more important than your survival: your secrecy. Because you're caught in the middle of a nest of secrecy-mongers who not only like to prick up their ears, but also their teeth. If you want to deliver your message and save this land, you'll have to keep a straight face at court and rely on your instincts, because the Venthyr's words often hide their true intentions. Your capricious new friends can become formidable enemies in the blink of an eye.

All souls sent to Revendreth receive a sin stone. Every single misdeed you committed during your lifetime will be engraved on this tombstone along with your true name. Keep its location a secret and do whatever is necessary to erase the abominations written on it. WoW: Shadowlands - Call a carriage and enjoy a tour of Revendreth while resting your weary feet or hooves. Source: Blizzard

Revendreth: A proud place

Revendreth consists of seven different districts, each governed by a Harvester - powerful Venthyr who have been preserving the traditions of this place since the dawn of creation, encouraging souls to repent for their sins. Those who manage to wash themselves clean of their sins must make a choice: Either these souls return to Oribos and are sent to another realm, or they remain in Revendreth and join the Venthyr. And those who refuse to find redemption? These souls are banished to the Maw.

Some Venthyr practices may be questionable, but be warned: in this dark land, critics tend to disappear without a trace.

The Castle District is home to the most decadent Venthyr, who are loyal to Count Denathrius. This quarter is dangerous for all those who are not willing to stand fully behind the master. The nobles who live in the inner citadel are the elders among the Venthyr, who have earned their place in the master's shadow. Order is maintained here by the Countess, Harvester of Desire.

When addressing the Master, be sure to address him by his honorific titles: Count Denathrius, Master of Revendreth, King of the Venthyr, First Blood, Commander of the Stoneborn, and Fang of the Shadowlands.

The Forest Quarter is ruled by the Fearmonger, Harvester of Terror. This quarter represents the hunting ground where the Venthyr suck the pride (in the form of anima) out of their victims. The process is simple: just give the victims a sense of hope and freedom, and then hunt them down - a bitter lesson in humility.
WoW: Shadowlands - The Forest Quarter of Revendreth Source: Blizzard Azeroth's champions take their first steps in Revendreth in the village quarter, Dunkelhafen. This humble hamlet is under the control of the Harvester of Envy. It is home to a host of yearning Graves and Venthyr, hoping to be taken in by the aristocrats of the Castle Quarter. The eyes of the inhabitants rest full of envy on Castle Nathria, while they toil in the refuse of the soul waste, watching the land wither and slowly decay without anima.
WoW: Shadowlands - The Village Quarter of Darkport Source: Blizzard

Revendreth: Nathria Castle

Above all this looms Count Denathrius' fortress: Castle Nathria. In this ancient fortress live the master himself, his loyal subjects and - if the traitors and rebels are to be believed - something ominous that could shake the foundations of the Shadowlands ...
WoW: Shadowlands - Nathria Castle Source: Blizzard

The Inhabitants of Revendreth

Get to know the different inhabitants of Revendreth in the following.

The Venthyr

The vampiric Venthyr are the punishers of the unworthy. They strive to purify the sinful souls sent to them by the Soul Judge. Purified souls are either sent to another realm to serve for all eternity, or may choose to join the Venthyr and continue the cycle as an instrument of penance.
WoW: Shadowlands - The Venthyr Source: Blizzard

The Stone Legion

The Stoneborn are created by the Stonecutter and imbued with anima. These vigilant creatures serve as soldiers whose unwavering loyalty to their masters comes from a lifetime of fighting alongside them.

  • The Stoneborn: These callous Gargoyles fight Venthyr enemies with various blunt weapons or use their unparalleled agility to outmaneuver them.
  • Gargons: These vicious quadrupeds were modeled after various terrors of the night. They prowl the streets of Revendreth to keep order, whether by intimidation or force.
  • ShudderBats: The Shudder Bats patrol the skies and summon the Stoneborn when they detect intruders. Nevertheless, they are quite capable of turning their enemies into lifeless shells themselves.

WoW: Shadowlands - The Stone Legion Source: Blizzard

The Tombs

These cowed workers are descended from the primordial ooze and serve the Venthyr with unwavering zeal for work. They perform any menial task they are asked to do, whether it be sweeping the floors or sacrificing themselves for the amusement of their masters.
WoW: Shadowlands - The Tombs Source: Blizzard

Count Denathrius

The calculating and methodical Count Denathrius is the master of Revendreth. From the souls of the Purified, he created the Venthyr in his image. The founder of Revendreth is unimaginably old and one of the most powerful beings in all the Shadowlands. He enlists the help of the champions of Azeroth to quell a rebellion that threatens the entire Venthyr way of life.
WoW: Shadowlands - Count Denathrius Source: Blizzard

Prince Renathal

Once Prince Renathal was a popular courtier at the court of Count Denathrius. He was the first Venthyr the master created with his own hands. But all that changed when the anima dried up. The prince was convinced that the master was responsible for the shortage. He raised a considerable army and instigated a rebellion to overthrow Count Denathrius and ensure the flow of anima once again. The question arises, however, whether Prince Renathal will ultimately prove to be as tyrannical as the ruler he seeks to topple from the throne.
WoW: Shadowlands - Prince Renathal Source: Blizzard

General Draven

General Draven was formerly the leader of the Stoneborn before turning his back on his people to lead Prince Renathal's forces against Count Denathrius.
WoW: Shadowlands - General Draven Source: Blizzard

The Venthyr Pact

Once players have reached the maximum level and explored the first four zones, they can join a pact like the Venthyr. Each pact offers its champions abilities, as well as additional powers and cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked through a pact campaign - an epic storyline of that pact. As a member of a pact, players also gain access to a pact sanctuary - a seat of power open only to those players who have made an agreement with its rulers.

Power of the Venthyr

When you join the Venthyr Pact, you gain two unique abilities: a class ability that is used in combat and a signature ability that allows you to explore the world in entirely new ways.

The Venthyr grant this signature ability to their champions


  • Shadow Gate: Wind your way through the shadows to appear at your destination.

With the list of class and signature abilities of the pacts, you can get an idea of what to expect. Please note that all of these abilities are still in development and the developers may still make changes to them during the testing phase. All abilities shown are still subject to change.

Soul Binding

Upon joining a pact, you can undergo an ancient rite to bind your soul to some of the most powerful members of the pact. This allows your character to use their power and gain access to powerful bonuses. Over time, new power levels can be unlocked and even soul bonds can be changed, should the strategy require it.

Rewards of the Venthyr Pact

Your deeds for the Venthyr Pact will be rewarded with various cosmetic rewards, including: a mount, a pet, Venthyr-style equipment, and back adornments that will turn the head of even the most aloof Venthyr.

Shiny New Equipment

Put on special gear forged in the fires of Revendreth.
WoW: Shadowlands - The armor sets from Revendreth Source: Blizzard

In the Revendreth zone, your adventure will take you to the Halls of Penance dungeon, which we introduced to you in the following article:

  • WoW Shadowlands: The Halls of Penance dungeon preview.

Impressions from the first zone Bastion can be found in the following videos. Surely we will soon add footage from Revendreth as well.

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