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WoW Shadowlands: Bye, Slaughter! New Venthyr attack for rogues

Our last test of the rogue's pact abilities in WoW: Shadowlands wasn't that long ago, and yet a lot has changed in the meantime (I guess that's why they call it beta). With the freshly played version on the servers, even the Venthyr ability Slaughter has now been completely removed.

In the official WoW forum, Community Manager Kaivax introduced the replacement: Flagellation (in German Geißelung or Auspeitschen) is an instant attack that has a cooldown of 25 seconds once the associated effect is gone from the target. The rogue whips the target three times with Anima, dealing Shadow damage and applying a debuff that whips the target again for 45 seconds for each additional combo point invested. Once the target has been whipped 25 times, your mastery increases by ten percent for 25 seconds.

ATTENTION: The tooltip of the attack read by Wowhead provides different numerical values than the post by Kaivax:

  • Flagellation: Lash the target with Anima 3 times, each dealing (68% of Attack power) Shadow damage, condemning them for 1 min. Each combo point you spend causes an additional lash. Once the target has been lashed 20 times, reactivating Flagellation will increase your Mastery by 15% for 1 min.

In light of the Deeper Daggers Soul Band enhancement, which increases your Shadow damage done by 30% for five seconds after an Eviscerate or Shadow Leap, the new Venthyr ability could be extremely exciting. As soon as we've had a chance to try out Flagellation, we'll let you know our hands-on conclusion, of course.

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