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WoW Shadowlands: Character wipe in the beta on Wednesday, August 5

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Update August 4
As CM Kaivax writes in the US forum, all beta realms for Shadowlands will be deleted this Wednesday, August 5. To participate after the reset, please copy your own characters from the liverealm to the test servers and take the quest "An Icy Summons", which will introduce you historically to the new expansion. Furthermore, all content skipping helps, such as the Flaskataurs, will be removed from the game.

Original news
In the course of the livestream on July 08 , Executive Producer John Hight and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas had announced that the beta of WoW: Shadowlands should start this week. And indeed, there was now the corresponding update of the test servers to upgrade the alpha client to the beta version. In the WoW forum, Community Manager Kaivax confirmed shortly after that the beta of Shadowlands has started.

All players invited for the beta will now find a selection option in the Blizzard launcher for the beta version of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ): Shadowlands:
WoW: Shadowlands beta has started! Source: buffed In a second forum post, Kaivax reminds us that Blizzard has not been sending out any keys or codes that would entitle you to participate in the beta phase for quite some time. If you receive an email with a Shadowlands key, it must be a deception attempt by a third party to get your data.

If you are also interested in playing the Shadowlands beta, you have to register for the beta on the official WoW site


You can find more details below:

  • WoW Shadowlands: How to sign up for the beta

By the way, the beta phase should already have all the important features and also provide a first preview of the end game of Shadowlands, which awaits you at level 60. At first it was said that the Mythic+ system will be activated at a later date, but Senior Game Designer Aelthas announced that you can already try out four of the new dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty. You can get the Mythic +10 keystones from a vendor in Orobos. Your item level will be scaled up accordingly in the dungeons.

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