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WoW Shadowlands concept artwork by character artists Pingston & McKeown

World of Warcraft has been around for a few years now, and the transformation of the game design over the years hasn't always been to every player's taste.

While in the foreground additions such as new talent trees, the LFR tool or a new Legendary Item drama are causing a stir, in the background the art design team is at work - making sure that each expansion is a true work of art on an aesthetic level.

Today we would like to take you into the wide world of WoW art and show you some concept drawings by the two (senior) character artists Dan Pingston and Matthew McKeown. This is a small selection of artwork for the current Shadowlands WoW expansion. Enjoy! (Source: WoWHead)

Concept artwork of Larion and Phalynx

The agony of choice in WoW Shadowlands: Larion or Phalynx? Mecha cat or winged lion? Luck for the undecided among us, because here and now you don't have to decide. On ArtStation, the two have now uploaded their concepts, which you can examine below.

Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead

Weapons and armor

The areas of the new WoW expansion are bursting with unique aesthetics - and the armor as well as weapons seem to reflect that.

Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead 00:30
WoW Classic: Official trailer for the raid Naxxramas World of Warcraft from€14.99

Mordretha and the Maldraxxus leather set

Matthew McKeown has worked on the following Maldraxxus sets available to followers of the Necrolord Pact.

Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead Source: WoWHead

How do you like the work of Blizzard Entertainment's two character artists? Write us in the comments!

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