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WoW Shadowlands: Frost Mage Update and Druid Feedback

You've probably already seen it, the extensive overview of the class adjustments in WoW: Shadowlands. In it, the developers from Blizzard revealed which design philosophies they will follow for the different classes and play styles, and the article will be updated regularly.The

first update was for all Frost Mages and the effect 'Winter Cold'. The debuff will now not increase the critical hit chance of allies against the affected target, but only the critical hit chance of the Frost Mage. Here is the corresponding post from the official forums:

We've made an update to reflect the ongoing development of Shadowlands in the Frost Mage section.

"Moving into Shadowlands, Winter's Chill is now a much longer debuff that causes Frost Mages' next two spells to treat the target as frozen, a debuff that increases the critical hit chance from the Frost Mage."

The German overview on the official site still says the old version:

"In Shadowlands, the debuff 'Winter Cold' lasts much longer and causes the Frost Mage's next two spells to deal damage as if the target were frozen. Additionally, it increases the critical strike chance of the Frost Mage and his allies against the affected target."

Feedback and questions about the Druid in Shadowlands.

After the release of the overview of the class changes, there was of course a lot of feedback in the corresponding section in the WoW forum, but also many questions from the community. A few hours ago, developer Sigma took on the Druid task to address some of the points there. Below we have summarized the most important findings for you:

  • The fact that Astral spells should benefit twice from Celestial Alignment is intentional. However, the developers are keeping this in mind and will make adjustments if they overshoot the intended target.
  • The developers are reducing the astral power cost/generation slightly (there are exceptions, such as New Moon, which will be buffed).
  • Stellar Rain gets a noticeable damage buff: you'll use the spell less often, but when Stellar Rain is active, it should feel good. However, it may be that Stellar Shift is too strong in its current form when Star Rain is boosted like this.
  • The goal of the revised Bloodclaw talent is to keep the part that people thought was cool (adding a planable element to the rotation and getting stronger bleed for the increased complexity), while removing the part that was annoying (namely having to use regrowth as a trigger spell). The latter is something many players have criticized, and the developers agree that it felt very weird.
  • Inciting Roar can still be used in cat form.
  • Rapid healing will always consume regrowth first, then wild growth, then rejuvenation - to keep the behavior of the spell understandable.
  • The "30 second internal cooldown" of individual eclipse effects has drawn more attention than the developers intended. The goal is to have eclipse effects alternate while you are in a sustained battle, but to be able to initiate a restart at the same time after a break. Since an eclipse often lasts for 16 seconds, plus a short gap between effects, the idea of an "internal cooldown" during combat should have little relevance. There may be a clearer way to accomplish this goal.
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