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WoW Shadowlands: Lots of BoEs showed up in the beta - including weapons!

While most equipment in WoW is bound to your character directly when you pick it up, there are quite a few exceptions. For example, items made by crafters are only bound to you when you put them on for the first time. Otherwise, it would also be kind of difficult to sell them or give them to other characters. But there are also pieces of equipment that you can capture and still not be bound to you directly. These are, among others, thousands of items of rare quality (green items), which usually only have to be used for disenchanting. And then there are the epic BoEs (Bind on Equip). These usually drop in the open world or from trash mobs in raids. The special thing about them is that you can not only create the items or pass them on to your friends, but also sell them for considerable sums in the auction house. Because outside of raids, you rarely get such high item levels. Especially at the beginning of an expansion or a new raid, when many players do everything to get a high item level as quickly as possible, such items sometimes reach enormous prices in the auction house.

And in the current build of the beta, some such items have now appeared. It is not yet clear whether they will be available in the free world, in the upcoming raid or somewhere else. It's also interesting that Blizzard is once again honoring some of the community's better-known players. Desm's Fistos, for example, is a tribute to DesMephistos. But many other names appear as well. By the way, the default item level is 213, but it can be assumed that the items will come into the game in different gradations, as it was the case in the past. Here is the overview of the new BoEs:

  • Fabric
    • Kit Jin's Sultry Cinch
    • Elohin's Burden of Patience
    • Joyia's Raiment of Conviction
  • Leather
    • Azsharys' Lunar Veil
    • Archdruid Van-Yali's Greenthumbs
    • Nyte's Mischievous Treads
  • Chain
    • Viller's Traveling Chain
    • Huntmaster Sullivan's Greaves
    • Haru Kiemund's Sabatons
  • Record
    • Tabone's Branded Pauldrons
    • Desm's Fistos
    • Baetheas' Ironclad Warboots
    • Tharatos' Charred Chestplate
  • Cloak
    • Guest's Cloak of Compression
    • Fate-Sewn Shawl
  • Necklace
    • Gaiazelle's Spiked Collar
  • Rings
    • Punishing Loop
    • Muirnne's Stormforged Signet
  • Jewelry
    • Relic of the First Ones
  • Weapons
    • Ballista of Buried Kings
    • Hishtar's Severe Stiletto
    • Zinc's Subtle Shank
    • Wolf-Fanged Fist
    • Locke's Essential Scepter
    • Klontzas' Precise Pummeler
    • Halberd of Agthia
    • Kudebeh's Remarkable Targe
    • Ulfius' Calming Claymore
    • Jenrette's Jagged Warglaive
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