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WoW Shadowlands: Mecha cat or winged lion - you have to decide

In an MMORPG like WoW, you have to make decisions all the time - where to go, what quest to complete, what gear to wear. But most of them are pretty irrelevant or have little impact on your further career as a hero of Azeroth. In the past, however, Blizzard has experimented more and more with bringing decisions with a little more consequence into the game. With Shadowlands , they now want to continue down this path. And apparently this doesn't just mean choosing between the pacts.
In the currently playable area Bastion, we have to choose one of two possible companions as part of a quest series. Unlike most other decisions (even the choice of the pact) you can't change the choice of your companion - once decided, there is no going back.


learn in the quest series that the Kyrians prefer two different companions


While some prefer to roam around with mechanical and fully programmable cats, the so-called Phalynx, others prefer the faithful and loyal Larion - winged lions, so to speak. You'll get to know both of them through several quests before you have to choose between the two camps at the end, thus severely disappointing the other side.

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While your mechanical Phalynx is available to you directly as a companion (for a currently very manageable area), you will have to earn the loyalty of the Larion afterwards in several quests, which are currently not yet implemented. In return, your winged lion should eventually be stronger than the mechanical cat, which you'll also have to repair from time to time. Which decision you make here is up to you.

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However, you should think about your decision carefully, because it is not entirely unlikely that it will have an impact on a mount that you get. Both the Phalynx and the Larions have already been found as mounts in the game files. However, it remains to be seen whether the receipt of such a mount is really linked to the quest series and the corresponding decision. In any case, we have taken both variants with our alpha characters and will keep you informed when the quest series continues in one of the upcoming alpha builds.

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What do you think about the fact that Shadowlands seems to require more of these types of decisions? And would you like them to have more influence on your character's story?

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