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WoW Shadowlands: Medallion of the Gladiator returns as an item

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As Community Manager Kaivax announced in the official WoW forum, the Medallion of the Gladiator will become a normal piece of equipment again. The item can be purchased for honor or conquest points from the PvP vendors returning in Shadowlands.

Update 7/23/20: It has been officially confirmed that Customization as well as Relentless will be kicked out in Shadowlands. So the whole top row in the PvP talent tree will be disabled. You will still be able to distribute the other 3 talent points.

However, this info raises some questions. For example, what happens to the PvP talents Adaptation and Relentless? Will PvP players simply get more opportunities to get out of control effects? And what talent, if any, would take the place of Medallion of the Gladiator in this case? Can people with their Everyman folk ability (called Will to Survive in Shadowlands) then use two CC Crusher + Adaptation or Relentless with internal cooldown? The community manager has not yet been able to provide answers to these questions.

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Original Message:
Before the Legion expansion, the PvP medallion line of trinkets (often called the "CC break trinket") removed all movement impairing and loss of control effects from the player, with a 2 minute cooldown. These trinkets were considered uniquely powerful PvP rewards, and they were considered mandatory in high level competitive content.

In Legion, the PvP template system deactivated all effects from gear. This meant that functionality like this had to be included in the honor talent system, along with alternatives.

For Shadowlands, we plan to restore this CC break functionality to a trinket, and make it a powerful PvP trinket option that comes exclusively from PvP. Players will be able to purchase this trinket for Honor or Conquest from one of the new PvP vendors returning in Shadowlands.

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