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WoW Shadowlands: Necrotic Aisle in the dungeon preview

The alpha test phase of WoW: Shadowlands will start soon, and all invited players will have the opportunity to take a look at the Bastion zone and the new dungeon Necrotic Rift for the first time. For the latter 5-player challenge, the developers have therefore also published a preview on the official WoW page last night - small story spoiler included!

WoW: Shadowlands - Feature Trailer Introduces New Expansion World of Warcraft from €14.99

Official Dungeon Preview for Necrotic Aisle.

The forces of Maldraxxus have invaded the Bastion! These anima-thirsty monstrosities have plundered the Temple of Courage. The heroes must fight off these invaders so that this paradisiacal place is not destroyed.

  • Difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, Mythic
  • Level: 50+ (One of four dungeons for 5-player groups to level up; located in the Bastion)

The bosses in Necrotic Lane

Plague Bone

Known as Plague Bone, the corpulent mass of rotting flesh has been lovingly patched together by Surgeon Flesh to lead the assault on the Temple of Courage.

Amarth, the Reanimator

Amarth is the powerful and sadistic leader of the necromancers of Zolramus. He oversees the harvesting of cadavers on his flying mount, the undead monstrosity Bone Tooth.

Surgeon Flesh Suture

Surgeon Flesh Suture is the creator of the horrific monstrosities deployed by the flying fortress of Zolramus. He performs his duties with zeal bordering on madness, crafting undead creations from the flesh of fallen enemies for Maldraxxus' wars in the Shadowlands.

Nalthor the Hoopbinder

Nalthor the Hoopbinder, the devious commander of the House of Rituals, leads attacks on the unsuspecting forces of the Kyrians.

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WoW: Shadowlands - The epic cinematic trailer is here! World of Warcraft from €14.99 From Karsten Scholz
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