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WoW Shadowlands: New body jewelry for blood elves

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Update from June 12:
Wowhead's dataminers have found new customization options for Blood Elves in the alpha files of WoW: Shadowlands. We have therefore updated the message and highlighted the new paragraph in color.

Original message from April 16:
The long and tragic history of the Blood Elves is closely tied to the classic strategy game Warcraft 3 . No other race has influenced the fate of Azeroth like the elves of Quel'thalas. They fought alongside the human kingdoms against the orcs and the Scourge during the Second and Third Wars. But the magical elven kingdom was no match for the onslaught of the undead. Prince Arthas destroyed the Sunwell and brought disaster to the High Elves. Disappointed by the humans and the Alliance, the survivors joined the Horde as Blood Elves a few years after the great catastrophe.

In The Burning Crusade, the Blood Elves made their comeback as a playable race. Since those turbulent times, the Blood Elves have undergone many changes. In patch 6.1 (Warlords of Draenor) , for example, the Blood Elves received new character models. A few years later, players were also allowed to give their blood elf heroes golden eyes instead of green ones during character creation.


new selection for the eye color was long overdue, after all, the addiction of the blood elves to devil crystals, to which they owe the poisonous green eye color, has long been history.

In WoW: Shadowlands, the developers of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) expand the color palette with more options


It even goes back to the roots! Because among the new eye colors for blood elves, we can choose in the future, in addition to green and golden, also the classic blue tones of the high elves. However, Blizzard is stirring up a hornet's nest with this adaptation, since Alliance players have wanted the High Elves as a playable race for years. But instead of High Elves, the Alliance got the Void Elves, whose appearance is more aligned with the Void's purple color palette. Here follows a small foretaste of new eye colors of the Blood Elves in WoW: Shadowlands:

Source: wowhead Source: wowhead Source: wowhead Source: wowhead

Update: Besides the new eye colors, the blood elves also get new skin and hair colors. However, the highlight of the fresh customization options so far has been the filigree body jewelry for female blood elves. This unusual jewelry is now disappearing from the character customization again! The fine neck and waist chains made of pearls, gold and silver are probably intended for NPCs for the time being. Instead, there is new hand jewelry for blood elf heroines in the form of ornate bangles and ring necklaces in gold and silver. In the gallery below you can find seven new and all other images with the latest character customizations for Blood Elves.

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