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WoW Shadowlands: The monk's pact abilities in the preview

In the upcoming WoW Shadowlands expansion, you will join one of four pacts after reaching the maximum level of 60. In addition to various story content and equipment, you will unlock two abilities that are exclusively available from the respective pact. The signature abilities are available to all classes that join the pact


while the following pact abilities are only available to Monks. Since the Monk is a hybrid class that can cover all three roles, the effects of each Pact ability will vary slightly depending on the specialization you choose. Once you join a pact, you can't easily change it. Therefore, you need to consider beforehand which specialization you would like to play and choose the pact skill that suits your play style.

Table of Contents

  1. 1WoWShadowlands: Bone Dust Brew of the Necrolords
  2. 2WoWShadowlands: Fallen Order of the Venthyr
  3. 3WoWShadowlands: Weapons of the Order of the Kyrians
  4. 4WoWShadowlands: Faelinienstampfen Der Nachtfae
  5. 5WoWShadowlands: The signature abilities of the pacts

Unimaginative in the beta chaos

If you now think that balancing four pact abilities for a dozen classes with two to four specializations each is an almost unsolvable mammoth task even for the experienced Blizzard team, you're not entirely wrong. Especially with the monk, many problems are clear at the current state of the beta. Many pact skills don't fit with the playstyle. Wind runners get additional resources from some pact skills.

It's a

bummer that the Wind Runner's forward-thinking playstyle doesn't handle extra chi or energy well.

Mist Caster -Monks only get weak healing spells or get extra mastery


However, Mastery will likely be your worst value even in the Shadowlands. Tanking Brewmasters have few options to increase their defense. However, a lot can still change until the release. Especially the final numbers will be adjusted at the end. Therefore, you will only get a first overview of the pact abilities in the following.

WoW Shadowlands: Bone Dust Brew of the Necrolords

If you join the Necrolords, you can cast Bone Dust Brew every minute. This will cover the enemies you hit, as well as your allies, with this concoction for ten seconds. Abilities you cast on these targets have a 15% chance of triggering a second time with 25% of their effect.

Damaging abilities generate shadow damage


Spells that target your allies grant additional healing. Depending on your specialization, you gain an additional effect. Wind runners get a chi back when they use Whirling Crane Kick against those targets. Mist casters have their healing increased by your Mist Surge mastery when healing players you hit with Bone Dust



Brewmasters reduce the cooldown of brews by an additional second with each Tiger Claw and Barrel


The first effect of the ability is strong for all three specializations. As a Wind Runner, combine the brew with Furor Fists and Storm, Earth, and Fire to make it really pop for ten seconds. A 15 percent chance is very low, though, so your strongest abilities won't reliably deal extra damage.


this point in the beta, nothing is set in stone, so Bone Dust Brew may turn out to be a real cooldown.

As a Mistcaster, you'll benefit most from Bone Dust Brew if members of your party are close together. Brewmasters will appreciate some extra damage. For tanking Monks, however, the second effect is also powerful. This allows you to use brews more often. In Shadowlands, you no longer have these in abundance, so every second gained is worth it for you. Also, in Shadowlands, the Mistcaster Monk's mastery is very weak. Therefore, you will hardly benefit from the second effect. With the Wind Runner, you run into a major problem that is a common thread throughout all of the Pact skills presented in their form so far: You can hardly spend additional Chi, so you won't really benefit from the cheaper Whirling Crane Kick.

WoW Shadowlands: Fallen Order of Venthyr

The Pact skill Fallen Order of Venthyr summons fallen adepts that attack your opponents and heal teammates Source: buffed As a follower of the Venthyr, you can open a blood-red portal every three minutes. Reflections of the order's fallen Ox, Crane, and Tiger Adepts will appear from the portal over the next 24 seconds and attack your enemies. Adepts of your specialization fight longer and use additional abilities. Tiger adepts cast fury fists alongside a wind runner. The

fog casters among you are supported by the crane adepts, because these spirits cast enveloping fog on your teammates


With this cooldown you can increase the damage you do. Especially brewmasters and fog casters can do a lot of damage. You can usually use Fallen Order without thinking, since you don't get an increase from other abilities. If you were a wind runner and liked the playstyle in Battle for Azeroth where you had to combine your cooldowns and trinkets to deal a lot of damage, you'll probably find Fallen Order a bit lame.


make matters worse, Fallen Order adepts deal less damage when you use Storm, Earth, and Fire at the same time. Therefore, you may not even combine the cooldowns at the moment. This is probably just a bug that should be fixed for release. The healing component is also very problematic for fog casters. Enveloping mist often creates a lot of overhealing. You have no control over which teammates are healed by the crane adepts. In dungeons, you can make good use of the cooldown for healing-intensive phases. In raids, however, the healing is too unreliable. For brewmasters, this pact ability offers no defensive component, but only increases your damage done - which is not very attractive.

WoW Shadowlands: Weapons of Order from the Kyrians


grant you Weapons of Order every two minutes. This will increase your mastery by ten percent for 30 seconds. For each specialization, there is another effect. If you cast Weapons of Order as a Wind Runner, you immediately complete the cooldown of Kick of the Rising Sun.

In addition, Kick of the Rising Sun reduces the chi cost of your abilities by one point for five seconds. For Mist casters, Essenzborn's cooldown is completed immediately, and Essenzborn generates additional healing at the beginning and end of channeling. Brewmasters, on the other hand, can immediately reuse Barrel Blow. Enemies you hit with Barrel Blow will take five percent more damage from your abilities for eight seconds.

Table of Contents1

. WoW Shadowlands: Bone Dust Brew of the Necrolords2. WoW Shadowlands: Fallen Order of Venthyr3. WoW Shadowlands: Weapons of the Order of Kyrians4. WoW Shadowlands: Faelinienstampfen Der Nachtfae5. WoW Shadowlands: The signature abilities of the pactsThe

effect can be stacked five times. As a wind runner, this pact ability plays a bit bulky. You would benefit most from the ability if you cast Kick of the Rising Sun, then cast Weapons of Order to directly activate Kick of the Rising Sun again. However, Weapons of Order does not count as an ability for your mastery. This means that if you cast the same ability twice in a row, you won't get the damage bonus of the mastery


and this is especially dramatic with Weapons of Order, since you're increasing your mastery with this Pact ability. So you absolutely have to insert a Blackout kick in between. Only then is the reset hardly worth it. You also benefit very little from the reduced chi cost. Even if Mastery is your worst stat, Weapons of Order is a solid choice for you as a Fog Caster. First, you cover almost the entire raid with the Essenceborn HoT by casting Essenceborn twice in a row. Then you heal the players with that HoT, since they have twice the mastery. The ten percent increase in mastery acts as a small defensive cooldown on the Brewmaster. But the extra damage isn't to be sneezed at either.

WoW Shadowlands: Faeline Stomp The Night F


When you ally with the Night Fae, you can stomp the ground every 30 seconds. This exposes several lines of fae. Enemies will take some damage when touching the lines. While fighting on a fae line, your abilities have a ten percent chance to reset the cooldown of Faeline Stomp. This Pact ability also has another effect, depending on your specialization.
Faeline Stomp releases lines of Night Fae. Stay on the lines to reset the cooldown of the Pact ability! Source: buffed Wind Runners drain some spheres from enemies along the Faeline. These produce chi or energy when collected. Mist casters heal all allies standing on the lines. And Brewmasters set all enemies touching the Faeline on fire with their Fire Embers. As a Wind Runner, you mainly only benefit from the initial damage of the Pact ability, as additional Energy and additional Chi do little for you. In beta, the damage of Faeline Stomp is low,

but with the right tuning, you could get a nice ability here for groups of enemies. If you stand on the lines long enough, you'll get some resets so you can use the ability much more frequently than every 30 seconds. With the fog caster, a lot also depends on the final numbers. Currently, the damage and healing are only comparable to your weak Chistoß. As with the Bone Dust



you only benefit from the Pact ability if your allies are close together.

This Pact ability does not grant the Brewmaster Monk any defensive advantage


Only when more enemies appear and Barrel Strike or Fire Doom are on cooldown can you use Faeline Stomp to set those enemies directly on fire. The Fire DoT then causes them to deal five percent less damage to you. As with Windrunners and Fogcasters, much of the Brewmaster's ultimate depends on the specific damage values of the individual Pact abilities.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact Signature Abilities

Fleshforming (Necrolords): Grants you a strong shield every two minutes after brief channeling. In dungeons, you can channel this defensive ability well between groups of enemies.

Shadow Gate (Venthyr): You enter the world of shadows and reappear at your destination. Combined with Transcendence, this allows for a lot of shenanigans to teleport between two locations.

Summon Provost (Kyrian): Heals you instantly with a potion and removes all harmful effects except magic effects. To do this, choose the talent Magic Diffusion, which only removes magic effects! This way you are prepared for all harmful effects.

Soulform (Night Fae): Transforms you into a fast fox. Activate the ability again to teleport forward a short distance. Since you already have Scrolls and Transcendence available, you don't rely on the extra mobility as much as other classes. Still, this ability is basically useful for Monks.

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