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WoW Shadowlands: Update for Sylvanas' model and more beta finds

All eyes on Sylvanas! Blizzard has already changed the model of the banshee queen several times. Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, we have seen Sylvanas sometimes as a gloomy night elf, sometimes as an undead blood elf. In Wrath of Lich King, she finally got a unique outfit that strongly reminded us of her armor design from Warcraft 3. To match her new role as a warchief in WoW Legion, the developers then changed Sylvanas' model one more time. The graphic designers added new elements of leather and chains to her classic ranger regalia, which was much more fitting for a true hunter than the revealing outfit before. With WoW: Shadowlands, we now get to see a completely new Sylvanas. She is no longer a Ranger, but an ally of the Dungeon Master, which is reflected in the design of her brand new armor.


preview of the new model of the Dark Princess was already available a few months ago


In the latest beta build 34972, the developers adjusted the color of Sylvanas' skin and her face once again. The revised skin tone, which is now very different from the pale color of the armor, gives Sylvanas' appearance more contrast. Also, her sharp facial features and somber look are better accentuated by the new makeup than in the original model. But compare the old and new models of Sylvanas for yourself.

Sylvanas in WoW Shadowlands newFull-screenslider oldInan

interview with Wowhead, by the way, Ely Cannon, the art director of WoW (buy now € 14.99 ), commented: Shadowlands, about the design of Sylvanas. He explained that the graphics team is always very careful when it comes to changing the appearance of a well-known WoW character. In the case of Sylvanas, while we've seen a significant visual evolution in recent years, her outfits have always maintained their "classic core." Shadowlands marks the start of a new phase in Sylvanas' life, and players should see that in her new armor. About the latest customizations, the designer specifically said:

"I mean, all of these characters don't just belong to Blizzard, they belong to everyone in the community who loves Warcraft, it's a big responsibility when we change something, they retain their core character. Sylvanas should still look like Sylvanas, just in different armor. She's entered a different point of her life. One of the major things that we did want to do with her was to give her the appearance of having come into her power finally. She's no longer hiding behind being the Banshee Queen or the Dark Ranger, she is the Sylvanas we have been waiting for, and she has the armor to prove it. We know where her alliances lie for the first time. So with her, once we decided story-wise what was happening with her and where her alliances lie, the armor part was fairly easy.

The thing that becomes difficult, is that with her, the armor tone was very close to her skin tone. So one of the things we had to do was make subtle changes to the color of the armor and her skin so they had enough contrast against each other, while still fitting into her traditional color and value space. An obvious solution would have been to start changing her skin color, making it more pink or more purple, but that would go against her nature as the undead creature that she is. We have to be conscious and careful of making those choices. These characters belong to everyone and we want to make sure that we're making good choices for the whole of the community that loves and celebrates Warcraft. Sylvanas is one of the most favorite, most iconic characters of all time, loved or hated. We have to be very cautious that we're doing the right thing by Sylvanas and make sure that she looks the same while telling the next part of her story."

More new models from the Shadowlands beta

In addition to Sylvanas' model update, there are plenty of other visual treats from the Shadowlands beta. The highlights for us are the undead jelly kitten and the magical feathered horse from Bastion. But the other models are also worth a look, aren't they?
WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands Beta - Jelly Cat Source: Wowhead WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands beta - Bastion Horse Source: Wowhead WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands beta - Bat Pet Revendreth Source: Wowhead WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands beta - Squirrel Ardenweald Source: Wowhead WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands beta - Swamp Pet Source: Wowhead WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands beta - Tree Pet Source: Wowhead WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands beta - Winged Lion Pet Source: Wowhead WoW: Update for Sylvanas' model and more news from Shadowlands beta - Spirit Healer Source: Wowhead You can see the entire gallery with all beta finds and more color variants of models shown here on Wowhead's site.

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