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WoW: Short story "We ride out" sheds new light on Bolvar

The new WoW: Shadowlands expansion begins with a huge bang. Sylvanas defeats Bolvar Fordragon in single combat and destroys the Crown of Dominance. With this, the Banshee Queen tears the veil that separates the world of the living from the afterlife. Now death reigns in Azeroth and our heroes prepare for an adventure in the Shadowlands. Together with Bolvar and the Knights of the Black Blade, we venture on a dangerous journey into the realm of the dead. To go along with this, there is a new short story that takes a closer look at the background of the Lich King's fall and his failed plans. On the official site for World of Warcraft, Blizzard presents the latest literary work by Robert Brooks:

Nazgrim, Thoras Trollbane, Sally Whitestring, and Darion Mograine - the Four Horsemen of the Lich King - travel to Icecrown to get to the bottom of their master's mysterious plans and put an end to them if necessary.

"And we are definitely unprepared. What has changed? What power compels you to keep us at a distance?"

"Sylvanas Windrunner."

Thora's Trollbane hesitated. Windrunner? The Lich King had shown interest in her since the beginning of the Fourth War. He had ordered his Four Horsemen to inform him of any rumor of her whereabouts, but had strictly forbidden them to hunt her down themselves. But Bolvar had also told the riders that she had never shown anything but contempt for the helmet. "What about her?"

"Her war has destroyed the balance between life and death. Death is feasting and the Helm's power is seething," Bolvar said. "The Legion has turned our world into a slaughterhouse, and yet I felt nothing of the sort then."

Trollbann still wasn't sure what had Bolvar so worked up. "Whatever Sylvanas intended to do, she failed."
Trollbann felt Bolvar's anger flare hotly, but he had the strange feeling that Bolvar was angry mostly with himself. "Do you see any sign that she believes she has failed?"

Dive into Robert Brook's new short story "We Ride Out" on WoW Shadowlands now.

Admittedly, it's hard to figure out what plans Blizzard's authors had for Bolvar's story in recent years. Even though we were always sure that the Lich King would definitely return sooner or later, there were too many inconsistencies in Bolvar's story (he was never the master of the Death Knights, for example). With WoW (buy now €14.99 )

Shadowlands, the developers are trying to get rid of all the story chaos that got a bit out of hand in recent expansions. The new short story serves to clear up some mysteries surrounding the Lich King and give Bolvar's character more character depth.

The explanation for Bolvar's strange behavior as the Lich King is simple: his malice was feigned and his threats were just empty words. He wanted Darion Mograine, as well as the rest of the Horsemen and the Knights of the Black Blade, to continue to see the Lich King as an enemy. Since his coronation at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, Bolvar had been playing to the Death Knights

that the Helm of Dominance was turning him, like Arthas before, into a monster that belonged locked away. More. Secretly, Fordragon even hoped that Darion Mograine and his riders would one day put a quick end to him. But everything turned out differently.

When Sylvanas appeared in Icecrown Citadel and challenged Bolvar to a duel, the Lich King did not call the four horsemen to his side because he did not want to risk their deaths. If Bolvar's original plan had worked, the death knights would have entered the battlefield only at the end of the duel to kill the victor. The Lich King was certain that Sylvanas wanted to crown herself the Lich Queen. That the Banshee destroyed the Crown of Dominance instead was a great surprise even to Bolvar. Now all his plans are null and void and he has to find his way again as a "High Lord" in a new world where he no longer has any power.

In our opinion, this short story is one of the best that Blizzard has published in recent months, because it illustrates how much humanity there is in the Death Knights. Even in their darkest hour, they don't lose hope and care about the fate of the living in Azeroth and beyond. Through the example of Nazgrim and Trollbann, we also see that Koltira and Thassarian are not the only Death Knights bound by a close friendship.

Still, it's a pity that Blizzard packs these important parts of the WoW storyline into umpteen short stories instead of telling them directly in the game. Or what do you think? And do you like the new short story as well? Write us about it!

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