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WoW should take that directly from FF14 - at least according to Asmongold.

With WoW failing to keep some players engaged with its content, many MMORPG fans are looking to other online worlds to pursue their favorite hobby. Streamers and content creators are not immune to this, which is why Asmongold, who is known for WoW streams, currently prefers to go wild in Final Fantasy 14. He definitely enjoys Square Enix's MMORPG, and while exploring the JRPG world, he keeps coming across features he'd love to see in WoW.

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Highlight new players directly so they are spared

The toxic community of WoW pisses Asmongold off. There are various reasons why FF14 players are more relaxed. But the streamer points out, among other things, that in WoW you don't know if you're talking to a newbie or a veteran before voicing criticism. In FF14, there's a little leaf icon next to new player names. That stays there for 160+ hours of gameplay, or just until you've played through Final Fantasy 14's basic story campaign. "I think a lot of times people are rude to someone because they don't know they're new. But, if they knew that, they'd be more understanding," Asmongold tells Dexterto. Boss fights in FF14 are not only musically and visually cool staged, but also don't punish you with long running paths after a wipe. Source: buffed

Less "time wasting" in WoW raid

The punishment for defeats in the raid is supposed to be another point that is responsible for the disproportionately harsh tone in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ). While a wipe in a boss fight in Final Fantasy lands you right back in front of the encounter and you can start a new attempt without delay, WoW is a different story. "In WoW, you have to run back[to the boss] and waste your time, and if you get your time wasted that way by someone, it creates a much more toxic relationship."

Do you guys wish these two features were in WoW? Do you think these FF14 elements would make for a better community? The comment section below the article is waiting for you!

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