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WoW: So it was a bug - XP for time travel adjusted

Update from 08/05/2021: Apparently it really was a bug, which has been fixed by Blizzard in the meantime.

  • Timewalking
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of experience was being awarded when completing a Timewalking dungeon.

Original news:

With the introduction of the time-walking dungeons, Blizzard has given the old and long-forgotten dungeons in WoW a new purpose some time ago. For there you can not only get passable equipment for Twinks, but also experience points to reach the maximum level with it. Especially in connection with the Threads of Fate, the alternative leveling method for Twinks in Shadowlands, the dungeons again enjoyed high popularity. However, Blizzard had already intervened some time ago and drastically reduced the immense amount of experience points that could be earned there. It no longer mattered whether you played a time-traveling dungeon or a "normal" dungeon.

But that seems to have changed again. Because in the current time-travel dungeons from Burning Crusade there are again enormous amounts of XP. So much, in fact, that a single instance is enough to make a complete level. And we're talking about the last stages before the maximum level. Over 400,000 XP in a single dungeon - that's how you got your Twinks to level 60 in no time.

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However, it is unclear whether this is a bug or intentional on the part of Blizzard. Because this massive increase in XP was not communicated anywhere. So it is possible that this circumstance will be "corrected" by a hotfix in the near future. Or it follows at some point a confirmation that it is intentional. Until then, we can level up Twinks to our hearts' content - in record time.
We got "only" 370k XP during our self-experiment. Was still more than a complete level. Source: buffed

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